Tuesday, August 3, 2010

That Was Weird

I've been able to have the windows open overnight a lot lately. It's been great. But the other day I had actual allergy symptoms, like anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies - which I don't normally. The air was smoky that morning and for most of the day. We had to close the windows for the day. In spite of that I had a runny nose, itchy eyes, was sneezing, and had absolutely no energy. By evening the air seemed to have cleared and the next morning I felt much better, with almost no symptoms. Near as I can figure there must have been something in the smoke. I'm not accustomed to suffering from typical allergy symptoms. It was weird.

Since then I have finally been able to get back to the sewing machine. Managed to get some liberated stars made for my friend's quilt.

I've run into a problem though.

I made these blocks slightly bigger than the shoo fly blocks I showed recently. On purpose, but now I realize that these blocks are going to be a challenge to set into the narrow panel I have to work with.

I'm having to remind myself (almost moment by moment) that I'm just making "parts" for this quilt, a la Gwen & Freddy, and that when I have enough to play with I can worry about setting them.

One of the three of us making this quilt already has her panel done. I guess someone has to be first! ;- )

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  1. These look great. Remember, if they're too big, you can always cut some points off. Gwen and Freddy wouldn't hesitate!


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