Thursday, July 2, 2020

Sailing Into July

I've just been visiting over at Sally's (The Objects of Design). She mentioned the Postage Stamp Pandemic of 2020 and some other viruses making the rounds of the quilt world. I've had a version of the PSP for some little while, not just in 2020. Mine manifests as stars.

Sally seems to be concerned that yet another mutation of this quilter's virus may be developing in the form of ships featuring prints and solids. This is not surprising as I am already suffering from this virus, although solid fabrics don't present in my case. I keep them in dry dock in a pizza box:

Unfortunately, my design wall is not large enough to accommodate all the ships that are ready to set sail.

This is a picture of 78 (6") ships. There are another 30 in dry dock. I am comforted by the fact that so far I have been able to avoid the dreaded zipper virus. 😉

Monday, June 29, 2020

Bee, Myself & I in June

I don't know if I've shared this project here previously. I've shown bits in a Facebook group but that doesn't mean it's been here as well. 😉

This is going to be a stitch wrap, a long piece of various textiles sewn together and embellished in whatever way the spirit moves me. Eventually the strip of textile art will be wrapped around a spool or bobbin of some kind. I haven't worked that part out yet. Some folks hand sew their scraps of fabric onto a base of muslin or batting. I chose to machine piece a few choice scraps together first, then use embroidery to secure them to a muslin strip. My strip is about 3.5" high by the width of the muslin.

Depending on how this progresses I may add more muslin so I can add more scraps and embroidery.

One of my goals was to feature at least a couple of the William Morris prints I was given at Christmas.

It's also a place where I can practice and play around with embroidery threads and stitches. To begin with I put the start date on one end, just freehand. The blanket stitch rainbow was also done freestyle. The rainbow and the paw prints are my nod to the covid pandemic.

I used fly stitches to secure the Wm. Morris charm square to the foundation. The two colors of pistil stitches on the extreme left came from one length of hand dyed floss. The daisies were stitched with a variegated silk thread from Treenway Silks.

For the time being my strawberry thief is simply outlined with a gold color cotton floss.

I've done a bit of mandala stitching recently too.

More fly stitches, some chain stitches, an attempt at herringbone, and a star in the middle. It's about 2.5" across. No purpose, just play. 😊 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Scrappy Mystery Quilt Progress

I've kept up really well with Joy's mystery quilt project - at least, up until this week. I was perking right along until something toxic smacked me upside the head. It's gotten so I often don't detect toxic fumes anymore until it's too late. Oh well. I'm pleased to say I'm beginning to feel more like myself again finally. And I've caught up so that I'm ready for the last step, to be revealed on Monday.

We began with twelve 9 Patch blocks made from 2.5" squares. Then we sewed up rows of more 2.5" squares and added background triangles to half of them.

We framed up the 9 Patch blocks with background strips and then sewed the rows of scrappy squares all around.

(I had a photo to insert here but can't seem to make it happen.)

Today I played around with the resultant blocks until I felt I had duplicate patches pretty evenly distributed and sewed them together to make this flimsy:

My background fabric is the palest of yellows in case you were wondering. This is only about 42" x 56" at this stage. I had thought about making more blocks but may simply add a border treatment and leave it lap quilt size. 

It has taken me two days to compose this post. Can't say that I'm pleased with the changes Blogger has forced on us but I suppose I will adjust over time. In theory these changes are meant to make blog posts more compatible with smart phone usage. Since I don't compose my posts on my phone this has only served to make my life more difficult. Inserting photos for this post was a real struggle. If it keeps up this way I may finally quit blogging. What's a quilting or needlework blog without pictures? And while I'm ranting, not all of us function well with hieroglyphs as opposed to words. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Stitching Along in June

It's already been three weeks since our last SAL check in date. I always feel bad on those occasions when I'm unable, for one reason or another, to go see what all the others have been working on. Such was the case for our last check in. I'll bet there have been finishes and/or new starts since then. Hopefully I'll be able to make the rounds this time.

I finally brought the dish towel I'd been working on to an end. There really wasn't that much left to do, which is probably why I left it alone for so long. All I had to do was complete the vines with stem stitches and put in a few French knots for flower centers. Well, and draw in some missing lines from the transfer sheet.

And the whole width of the towel:

Just to refresh your memory, this is one of a set of three pre-stamped towels from Mary Corbet's website. Each towel has one design on it but they increase in complexity or detail. This is the image that was on this towel:

Then I reproduced it in the opposite corner but stitched it in a different set of threads.

Now it's time for a new project! I started the second towel in the series at some point. Right now, however, I'm working on a slow stitch/embroidered stitch wrap inspired by the work of Tilly Rose and Anne Brooke. This is sort of a practice piece. Eventually I want to use some of the vintage linens I've inherited to make a family history wrap. My main goal with this one was to utilize a couple of pieces of William Morris prints I've been given at Christmas and just to get a handle on the process.

I machine stitched most of the foundation pieces together but it's the embroidery (and some nearly invisible hand sewing) that secures the colorful bits to the muslin lining. I really like to have that second layer to give me a place to knot my threads.

This will be partly a visual diary as well as a practice piece, thus the date at one end. I've done a blanket stitch rainbow too, to commemorate the covid pandemic.

And here's one of the William Morris charm squares:

I used fly stitches to secure it in place. I'd show you more but the photos don't seem to be available at the moment. I would blame Blogger but I think it's my computer at fault this time. Anyway, there will be more for you to see when we check in again in three weeks. This project seems to have taken over my needlework time. 😉 

Here are the links to the others who have been busy stitching since last time. Enjoy!


Thursday, June 18, 2020

It's Official

I've been on the planet for 65 years now. This is the first milestone that really has any meaning for me. Thirty made no impression, nor 35, nor 40, nor 50. Even 60 was sort of ho hum. Granted, the last 15 years have been overshadowed by hormone fluctuations and chemical sensitivities. I'm grateful to be feeling as well as I do at the moment!

It would be really cool to have done a retrospective of the quilts I've made over the last 20 years or so. I'm neither that organized nor that ambitious. You'll have to be content with what I'm currently working on, which is Joy McDonald's scrappy mystery quilt project. We started with just twelve 9 Patch blocks made of 2.5" scrappy squares. That was easier to accomplish than I expected. We're now up to step four. She's moving us right along but none of the steps have been overwhelming, at least for me. This project has been the right thing at the right time in my world.

I didn't use this for Scrap Happy Day because I'd purchased new yardage for the background. I usually shy away from mystery quilts because I want to see what I'm making before I embark on it. Along those same lines, I wanted a consistent background for this whatever-it's-going-to-be and I didn't have anything in my stash I was willing to sacrifice (or that I felt I had enough of). The photo above shows where I am now in the process, with leftovers in the box. I may be making more blocks or another version of this quilt down the road. 😉

I don't think I've ever shown the end result of a quilt I was building earlier this year. It's appropriate to share it with you now because the center panel was gifted to me several years ago.

"If Eve had fabric she would have made a quilt."
Block Party Studio panel

The color changed slightly after laundering.

Overall the effect isn't too bad. James quilted feathers on the flying geese with a golden thread.

This fits beautifully on top of the other quilts on my twin size bed. It's also great for snuggling under on the couch in front of the television. 😊