Friday, February 15, 2019

Scrap Happy in February

Last month I showed the blocks I'd been making out of 8.5" cuts from my scrap strips.

I started with a basket of assorted width strips...

Which has now been reduced to this:

You can see that I've completely eliminated one stack of strips. There's not much left in the widest strip stack either. I have 56 "blocks" that range in length from 12 to 13 inches. What I do not have is the ability to set them into a top at this point. Maybe for Scrap Happy Day in March! Here are just a few of the more recent blocks:

Scrap Happy Day is hosted by Kate and Gun. Participants use their scrap materials from whatever medium they prefer, not just fabric, so there will be a lot of good inspiration to be seen. πŸ˜€

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Snowed In

Snow is an unusual event here in our pocket of the Pacific Northwest. It doesn't take much to bring the region to a standstill. Having grown up in Michigan I always get tickled over what a big deal is made over a couple of inches of snow. People want it in the mountains so they can go skiing but don't let it hit the roadways in the urban areas!

This is virtually the same picture I showed the last time we had any accumulation of snow. Unfortunately, it's the view I have that's the safest to share. About half of this melted away since the picture was taken and now we're getting a new batch on top of it. That makes two snowfall events within a week of each other which is what is so unusual.

Stepping out the front door this is what I see...

It makes for a pretty picture but we won't be going anywhere for a few days. I don't go much of anywhere anyway though so no big deal. πŸ˜‰

I've been trying to be careful of my shoulder this week. I've done a lot of reading. Finally I'd had about as much inactivity as I could stand. Keeping the doctor's instructions in mind I sifted through all the possible projects I could pick up and decided to try a bit of embroidery. I'm not up to the Winter Fairy I chose for my SAL project though. I'm not sure I'll be continuing with that actually but we'll see.

Last year I started what was meant to be a series of embroidered squares, A Year in Stitches. I filled up two six inch squares, started a third, and then stalled mid-year.

The first sampler:

Page two:

This is how I started the third sampler page:

I don't seem to have intermediate photos. I added the leaves in seasonal colors (but not the sun or the snowflakes) before I got stalled.

You may be able to guess what stopped the progress suddenly. I wanted to acknowledge my cousin's passing but after I put in his name I couldn't do any more at the time. I added the dates and the awkward laurel wreath when I picked this up this week. After that came the snowflakes and the sun. Now I'm chain stitching in a tree, which will probably remain leafless. All this work is intuitive so I have no idea what I may do to fill in the black corners. I have to say, it feels good to be working on this again. 😊

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


This notice showed up when I was reading through the comments left on my blog recently:

Following the announcement of Google+ API deprecation scheduled for March 2019, a number of changes will be made to Blogger’s Google+ integration on 4 February 2019. 

Google+ Comments: Support for Google+ comments will be turned down, and all blogs using Google+ comments will be reverted back to using Blogger comments. Unfortunately, comments posted as Google+ comments cannot be migrated to Blogger and will no longer appear on your blog. 

I never took full advantage of Google+ on my blog so I don't know how this may affect any of my readers. What I do know is that none of the Blogspot blogs I've subscribed to have been showing up in my Inbox. I assume that is connected with the changes that are being made in some way. I can only hope that will be corrected soon. 

I only use technology because I have to in order to stay in touch with the quilting/needlework world. Mostly I find it  confusing and overwhelming. Please bear with me as I try to cope with things out of my control. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

First SAL in February

Yup, there will be two Stitch Along posts this month even though this is a short month! I don't have a lot to show. You may remember I decided to start this kit from DMC called Winter Fairy:

It's a good thing I put in a few stitches shortly after that post.

Since then I've done something egregious to my right shoulder. There's been a lot of pain. All that cutting and piecing of strips (previous post) didn't help, I'm sure. I've been to the doctor twice. It's better but still not right. I'm now trying to avoid any activity that will further aggravate the situation and give the shoulder a chance to heal. {sigh} Sometimes you just can't win for losing.

I hope everyone else in this SAL has had a more successful three weeks than I had. We have another new member; Welcome Jocelyn! To see what they're working on just click on the names below. Hopefully I'll have happier things to report on the 24th of February. 😊

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Chasing That Striped Squirrel

Here are the results of all the strip cutting I've done this past week:

It may not look like much in that photo. Let me show you how it stacked up in front of a ruler.

That's my 6.5" square ruler standing on it's head. A little closer look...

Four inches of 2" strips! and lesser quantities of wider strips.

This is the basket I was thinking of using to keep them neat and tidy. I was pleased to be able to empty it easily - a rare occurrence, I assure you. 

Fortunately it worked perfectly!

From left to right I have three inch wide trips, then 2.5," then 3.5," and finally the two inch strips. I fully expect to have two inch strips leftover. That doesn't concern me greatly though. I have a feeling there's going to be more than one quilt out of this basket, and I have other uses for the narrowest strips.

Of course, having set up the basket I had to see how well it was going to work for me. If this is any indication I think it's going to work out just fine. πŸ˜€

I'm only sewing enough strips together to get twelve or thirteen inches of length for the time being. That gives me "blocks" and makes it easier for me to judge how far along I am toward the size of quilt top I have as my goal. I can also rearrange blocks as I see fit before sewing them together in columns. I figure seven columns for 56" in width and about 72" for the length. At least that's the plan for the time being. Plans have a way of changing, as I'm sure you know. πŸ˜‰