Sunday, March 17, 2019

Stitching Along in March

I'm probably one of the last to get my SAL post up this month. We were out shopping for a new sofa a couple of days ago and I'm only just now feeling like myself again after the exposures to fumes. The sad part is we didn't find anything we felt would do the job so we'll have to go out again sometime. Shopping used to be fun. Back in the day Hubby and I would have dates that consisted of browsing the Galleria in Houston after a cheap meal and maybe a movie. That was some 35 years ago now!

But back to the topic at hand. I finished up the first gingerbread house in the new series by Joy McDonald and her daughter. Of course I'm primarily using Nancy's hand dyed flosses for my stitching. She currently has a give away going on for a collection of beautiful spring flower colors although you've now missed out on the collection of purples she was giving away. πŸ˜‰

It was fun to incorporate some different stitches. I used a lot of buttonhole stitches...

In this photo for the "gingerbread" along the roofline and that wiggly stripe between the roof and the house proper. The satin stitching to fill in the windows was a last minute addition. I just couldn't bear to have the green background showing through the windows.

The door has some buttonhole stitches for texture too. Those are Celtic cross stitches providing accent to the house front. Appropriate, since today is St. Patrick's Day! The next house in this series is due to be released tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing what we'll be given to work with. 😊

Everyone in this Stitch Along works on their own needlework project, whatever that may be. There's quite a variety of techniques on display. We post our progress every three weeks. That means our next SAL will be 7 April. I hope you find the time to do some blog hopping to see what they're up to!

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Scrappy Stitches in March

On the 15th of each month Kate and Gun host Scrap Happy Day. Originally these posts featured patchwork made with scrap fabric. Recently we've had scraps of other types being showcased. I'm going to take my cue from those other crafters this month. My shoulder is healing, but slowly. I'm reluctant to run the risk of a setback by returning to my sewing machine just yet so I'm going to share what I've done with some scraps of embroidery floss.

This is just a tiny section of my current stitch sampler. The petals of the violets were made with some strands of hand dyed floss leftover from another project. The French knot centers were also short lengths I found in my ort jar.

The half-circle  buttonhole scallops were also done with leftover strands. I think the rest of the stitches were put in on purpose with new threads. Nearly all of the floss has been from Nancy Turner. The snowdrops are the exception. I didn't have good colors for them and had to resort to DMC. Nancy is having another give away of a lovely collection of colors. All you have to do to enter is pop over and leave a comment. 😊

These 6.5" blocks are just a place for me to practice new stitches or to doodle with needle and thread. I'll save the other embroidery I've been doing for our Stitch Along post coming up in a few days (on the 17th). In the meantime, here's the list of those who may have done something with their scraps to share with us:

Kate (me!)Gun, TittiHelΓ©neEva, Nanette, Lynn, Lynda,
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Impatient Patient

That would be me. I've been given to understand that shoulder injuries take a long time to heal. I'm here to testify to the truth of that. I'm doing everything I know to promote healing but it seems to be taking FOREVER!!! I sustained this injury back at the beginning of January. Wasn't able to see the doctor until the end of that month. Then another month went by before my next appointment. There has been improvement since my last visit but it ain't happenin' fast enough to suit me.

I've been taking advantage of the opportunity to read but there's only so much reading I can do in any given day. Daytime television isn't worth talking about. Thank goodness for TCM, the classic movie channel we get via our cable service. Even that has let me down many days however.

I have four quilts waiting to be bound. Bindings have even been made for them. There's another quilt just about ready to come off the long-arm and one that only needs a back made. I might be able to apply a binding or make that quilt back but I don't want to take the chance of slowing down the recovery process. Not yet anyway.

My local quilt shop had a fantastic sale in the clearance department last Saturday: five dollars a yard! Most of her new yardage is selling for twelve to thirteen dollars a yard. Hubby kindly drove me down (driving also exacerbates the injury) and acted as my lackey in the store. He pulled bolts and carried them to the cutting counter. Then he paid for over 18 yards of fabric. Two cuts were four yards each for prospective quilt backs. The rest were colors and prints I simply felt I could put to good use eventually. Hubby picked out a few yards he thought I should add to my stash. The biggest surprise of that lot was this panel print:

He's not particularly a chicken fancier as far as I was aware. What drew him to this, he says, is the deep red in combination with the black and white. And he likes the panel in the lower left corner. It will be fun to play with these panels and see what develops - someday.

In the meantime, about all I've been able to do lately, other than read and watch TV, is embroider. I've even found needlepoint causes more pain than working on a small hooped piece of fabric. So I've started on the fourth "page" of my Year in Stitches sampler.

The light green in the upper left is my first-ever attempt at Chevron stitches. Can't say I enjoyed it but I suspect with more practice my brain will get the hang of it. I had a few false starts with the line of featherstitching across the middle of the block too. The spiderweb was just plain fun (all backstitched).

Of course all of this stitching has been done with Nancy's beautiful hand dyed floss. I have other embroidery projects I could probably work on. I want to be careful not to do too much in any given day however. {big sigh} I just hope all this restraint pays off sooner rather than later!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Bee, Myself & I

My Bee, Myself & I posts have been, and are going to be, rather hit and miss. The idea behind BM&I is to make something just for your own enjoyment. It was begun by Carla over at Granny Maud's Girl.  This time around I have a small beaded piece to share with you.

When I figure out how to finish the raw edges it will finish at about 4" wide by 3" tall.

I began with a fabric covered button sent to me with my F2F3 blocks by the kind Tialys. Then I surrounded it with beads from my stash. The heart beads were from my friend C~ at Christmas time. A bit of embroidery and sequins to complete the composition et voila! 

I have an idea for mounting this on a piece of watercolor paper for stability with some vintage seam tape and maybe more beads. But don't hold your breath to see the end product.  Or another piece like this at the end of next month either. πŸ˜‰

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Stitching Along in February

I'm probably a bit late to the party but I'm also virtually in the last time zone so I figure that gives me a pass. πŸ˜‰ The participants in this Stitch Along stretch from Australia to the U.S., all around the world. We check in every three weeks to see what progress has been made on our respective projects. Unlike other SAL's we are not all working on the same project in this group. We have quite a variety of techniques in play on any given check-in day!

Last time I shared my start on the Winter Fairy embroidery.

Since then I've decided to set that aside for a time when I'm not distracted by the various pains that have been plaguing me recently. I needed something easier -- more soothing as opposed to stressful. Then along came Joy with a new block of the month embroidery series. We will be making a Gingerbread Village over the coming months.

Gingerbread Village, a lovely free block of the month for 2019! Make a block every month and you'll have a finished quilt by Christmas!

I downloaded the first pattern and had my son trace it off for me. Then it was a matter of making color decisions. I still struggle with that when it comes to embroidery projects even though it's one of the things that comes instinctively to me in patchwork. My first thought, because of the name of the series, was to work in browns and red on my green background. You know, a little brown cottage in the woods. Since then I've decided to go for a cottage in the spring. We've had a long stretch of cold, wet, gray days. Can you blame me?

The floss I'm using is Nancy's hand dyed threads again. The house is backstitched in a peachy color and the roof and windows in a deeper orange. I'm toying with a turquoise for the door. I have an idea for using more of the peach on the house but we'll see whether that works or not. The next SAL check-in will be on the 17th of March. In the meantime you can check out what everyone else is doing by clicking on their names below. We're welcoming another new member this time around, Sharon. I'm looking forward to seeing what she's working on!

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