Thursday, August 5, 2010

June, This One's for You

After June kicked me in the pants I went to the sewing machine and sewed my star blocks together. (The hearts were already done.)

I had been waffling about what fabric to use between the stars as well as how to set them. June fixed that!

I still have to sew these three sections together, and then add the shoo fly blocks at either end, but I have to go run an errand now so that will have to wait.

There's nothing like a good friend to set you straight. ;- )

If you click on the picture you should be able to get a bigger image.


A Creative Dream... said...

And look at just how beautiful it turned out! Your friend will love it...and it will show her how much you love her!

Job WELL done girlfriend!

Nifty Quilts said...

Love it!

Possibilities, Etc. said...

This looks really great!!