Saturday, August 21, 2010

It Was One of Those Weeks

Parts of it were fun and good, but most of it was challenging. The highlight of the week was the little bit of time I got to spend with my granddaughters. Here's the littlest one checking out my car from the driver's seat:

That's actually a dog leash across her lap, not the seat belt. One twin is scooting/crawling now, the other can sit by herself. We do not have identical twins here! It's fascinating to see and hear about their developments. Both have evidence that teeth are on the way. They're six months old now.

It felt like precious little sewing was getting done in the beginning of the week. And actually, precious little sewing was being done! But I managed to put away the batik yardages I'd had out to make the panel for D~'s quilt. Then I tried to tidy away some fabrics that had been out even longer. Some got put away, some didn't. I cut patches from a few and then sat down and made these:

One thing led to another and before long I also had these four liberated log cabin blocks up to 8.5."

I spent yesterday making more 6.5" liberated log cabins. I'll have to show them to you another time. I found myself slightly frustrated that I could not come up with a plan for these blocks. Which is silly; why do I have to have a plan for them? Why can't I just enjoy the process of making blocks? So this morning I made the decision to not make a decision about how these blocks are going to be used. I'm going to try to just enjoy the process and not think about the future.

In any case, right now sewing scraps seems to be all I'm up for, for whatever reason. The mere thought of trying to create a more orderly or meaningful quilt is overwhelming, even though there are a couple I'd really like to make (and one I promised to make - fortunately it has an open deadline). Guess I'm just in the resting phase of the creative cycle. I haven't even been able to bring myself to see what my blogging friends are doing these days. Know that I have not forgotten you - I just don't have the energy to visit at the moment. :- )


  1. Not a problem ... play with your scraps and rest (everyone needs a break now and then).

  2. I love your blocks. And I also wrestle with the challenge of being in the moment and just sewing stuff without a plan. As you know, once you get enough of them, the ideas will emerge.

    Adorable granddaughter!

  3. The beginning of the week was too darn hot to sew! I haven't been doing anything either. I guess I'm in the "resting" phase also. I've just been putzing around, doing some cutting. I figure it's just part of the process - don't fight it and don't rush it. It'll work out and soon the creativity will be flowing.

    Your granddaughter is so cute! Isn't it fun to watch them learning?


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