Block Guide

For those who read my blog but may not be quilters, or are new to the game, I offer this guide to the blocks I make and use most frequently in my quilts. Most of the blocks I make are traditional patterns, and many have acquired more than one name over the generations.

This is the block pattern I know as Shoo-fly. Sometimes it's called Churn Dash.

Meanwhile, this is the pattern I know as Churn Dash:

It's also known as Wrench or Monkey Wrench.

And if you stretch out the legs and adjust the size of the triangles you get Hole in the Barn Door:

I like the Hole in the Barn Door pattern a lot. It allows me to fussy-cut images out of prints and feature them in the "hole."

And then there are the stars. I use the basic Sawtooth Star, also known as Variable Star in some cases, to make my postage stamp stars.

You can fill the center square of a sawtooth star with a lot of different things. Then they each get a name of their own so we won't go into that. ;- )

The other star I've been using a lot is the Ohio Star:

There can be variations within this block too, creating new stars with different names.

Finally there's the liberated, wonky, or maverick star:

I also make my fair share of Bow Ties, Baskets, and Ships. When the bow tie blocks are run together in a border they can lose their definition but baskets and ships generally remain recognizable.

Feel free to email if you have any questions!

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