Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going to the Fair

This past weekend I entered four quilts in the County Fair. Normally I wouldn't have entered at all. I don't like the competitive aspect of the Fair (or quilt shows). But I had three quilts that featured liberated piecing and still qualified to be entered (entries have to have been made within the last two years). I figured if I showed all three in the same fair the whole concept might be more acceptable to the viewing public.

The fourth quilt was my Christmas Round Robin which went into the Group category. It's a fun quilt and this is the last year it qualified to be exhibitied.

"Cosmic Goddesses" went into the small hand quilted, other (embellished) category.

My Fungly went into the medium tied quilts category. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the only entry in that category as tied quilts are still looked down upon as near as I can tell. Or it may not get hung at all as it has been used and laundered a good bit and may be showing too much wear.

And I entered my scrappy Trip Around the World that I'm calling "Souvenirs." I did wash it first so hopefully the wonky quilting lines won't be too noticeable.

I do not expect to see other than Participant ribbons on these quilts when I pick them up next week. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to show the public that there are quilts being made that don't conform to The Rules of Perfectionism and that those quilts can be fun and colorful and maybe just a bit more interesting than the "perfect" ones. (Was that a cat I just heard in the background?)

I was mildly distressed that my body reacted so badly when I went in to drop off the quilts. The building was spacious, and there weren't that many people there at the time, but within three minutes my hands were shaking and I was having a hard time putting my words together. It could be that the gal checking in my quilts was wearing something my nose didn't detect. Whatever. Maybe when it's time to collect them I can find someone else to go in for me. What a nuisance.

What I find more distressing is the malaise I now have to fight. I have no enthusiasm for anything. I did a little piecing yesterday - my 15 minutes - but it didn't really spark anything. Guess I'll have to try again today and see what happens...


  1. I am SO glad your quilts are at the fair ... "the rules" or "the attitudes" need to be bent, adjusted, and liberated!

    Problem here is that the person "in charge" needs to be liberated before any of the rest of us can even be seen. That is not likely to happen (any more than an ice cube lasting more than a minute outdoors today), so ... we show our quilts elsewhere. (and yes, that WAS a cat)

  2. good on you for entering, someone has to make a stand with liberated quilt ideas...k.

  3. All your quilts are wonderful, but your Cosmic Goddesses quilt is especially vibrant. Good for you for entering them. I hope you recover your energy quickly--it's too bad the trip made you feel so badly.

  4. Wow! You are really brightened up that fair. It's good to get these more artsy quilts out there. Congratulations!

  5. i love them all. Scrappy, original and fabulous. blue ribbons in my book!

  6. Good on you for entering. I love all the quilts you have shown, but especially the Cosmic Goddesses.

    Viv x

  7. They look perfect to me! I love, love, love that last one especially! Looks like a lot of work. Sorry about your reaction. Hope you feel better.

  8. good for you for entering these quilts. woohoo!!! love that Souvenirs quilt - it's a marvelous colorful energetic quilt.

  9. What a treat indeed! I can't imagine being able to see these colorful quilts up close and personal. They're gorgeous on my computer screen. Thanks for sharing!


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