Friday, August 6, 2010


My 18" wide, 72" long panel for my friend's quilt is now a fait accompli.

Mostly I'm happy with it. There are two blocks I would rearrange but I won't let myself do it. It is what it is. Below you can see the blocks that didn't make it into the panel. There's a batik orphan block quilt somewhere in my future. ;- )

I guess I should explain why I chose these particular block patterns. The hearts obviously stand for the love we have for our friend. The stars represent blessings that I know will come to her throughout her journey. The four little shoo fly blocks at the top and bottom are my talismans against any negativity that may try to creep into her space. Literally, "Shoo! Fly away!"

Besides the emotional support I received from my blogger friends that helped me get this done I also received an unexpected box of goodies from Quiltdivajulie. She is having issues with arthritis and doesn't think she'll be doing any more beading. Look what she gave me!!!

As you can see I had already begun to transfer the beads into little baggies when I thought to stop and take a picture. I got so much pleasure just from handling and sorting them! I haven't put the baggies into my stash drawers yet. I'm enjoying the visual of the pile of beady goodness. :- ) Now that this piecing project is done I may do a little beading before I tackle the next big project!


  1. Sue, it's beautiful...and the symbolism is did a great, GREAT job and she will love it.

    I hope that, should I ever take the same sort of journey, I have friends around me that care as much as you do for her.

  2. it's a beautiful panel, it doesn't need any rearranging - you're a good and caring friend...k.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your beautiful panel. Your friend will feel loved and comforted because of your efforts.

  4. It's positively lovely! an inspiration to me

  5. Lovely quilt panel ... your heart is there, right along with the quilt blocks.

    Happy the beads have a welcoming new home ... they deserve to be enjoyed (not just stored on a shelf)!



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