Monday, August 28, 2023

Junk Journal Quilt

Whew! Our temperatures have dropped again to a more normal level for this part of the world at this time of year. We might even get some much needed rain in the next few days. 

I've been nibbling away at the sashing for the junk journal quilt I introduced in this post (toward the bottom of the post). Once the top was assembled according to plan I handed it off to our son for the quilting step. Because the top is so busy we decided a simple meander would do the trick. Plus, to my mind it replicates the line of glue used to stick various papers in place in a junk journal. 😁 Here's the finished quilt:

There's just a narrow brown binding around the perimeter. 

Some detail shots:

There are very few actual traditional quilt blocks. And if I do say so myself, I think I did a pretty good job of blending the 12" blocks I built and the sashes. Overall this was a fun quilt to make even if it was taxing at times. 

I wasn't sure what I would use for the back of the quilt. I prefer to have my backs relate to the front rather than using any old print or color. Of course I didn't have anything in house that would go the distance or be appropriate. When I saw this print online, and only four yards available, I snapped it up. Four yards is what I needed for this 60" x 72" quilt.

It may not relate directly to the theme of a junk journal but the colors were perfect. I think it adds a nice vintage touch too.

This quilt will be going to the Disabled Artists Foundation, Inc. to be used for fund raising purposes. And now I have a pile of leftovers to put back into the stash. Very likely the smaller pieces will turn up in a future Scrap Happy Day post. 😊

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Scrap Happy in August

Up here in the Pacific Northwest our temperatures are generally more mild than elsewhere in the country. We are currently having a little (I hope!) heat wave. Nothing like the temperatures being experienced in our southern states I'm happy to say. In spite of our portable air conditioning unit and personal fans the heat is taking a toll on our energy levels. I haven't been able to bring myself to do any scrappy patchwork. I completed the Journal Quilt top a few days ago. This morning I was able to piece two cuts of new yardage into a back for that quilt. I've done little else since then. 

However, I have two quilts that have been recently finished and laundered. They are just waiting to have their labels inked before I pack them up to send off to Wrap the World with Quilts. They are both scrappy endeavors. You've seen the tops previously if you're a regular visitor but I'll share the finished products with you now anyway. 

I'm calling this first one Happy Patches. It was built entirely of nine patch blocks made out of my tin of scrap 2.5" squares.

Well, except for the border. πŸ˜‰ That was a print I've had in my stash for heaven only knows how long. I could never figure out how or where to use it. Apparently it was waiting for this little quilt!

The next quilt was created more recently. I made the six inch Shoo-fly blocks and then turned them into stars, using up many of the shorter pieces of old prints from my stash. 

Both of these quilts were quilted by my son James in the same swirling pattern.

And both of them are roughly 60 inches square. 

Here's the link list for others around the globe who regularly participate in Scrap Happy Day. Not everyone is a quilt maker, but we're all trying to put our scrap materials to good use or to repurpose something that might otherwise end up in the trash. We share our efforts on the 15th of each month, hosted by Kate and Gun at the top of the list below. 😊

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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Peaceful Sunday Morning

I went across the street to our mailbox yesterday to discover that the birds had planted a blackberry bush nearby. It was laden with fruit ready for the picking. I went back to the house, got a small bowl - because I'm probably the only one in the house who will eat these berries - and returned to the bush. It was more extensive than I realized at first. I filled my bowl but could easily have picked more. So, when the air quality and the temperature were at delightfully low levels again this morning I went back and picked another bowlful of blackberries!

 There are still more berries on the bush. Some are not quite ready for picking, some are out of reach. That blackberry bush has thorns that are more vicious than the ones on my roses! Speaking of which, the Charlotte rose has been producing abundantly this year.

This is a very minimal view of what Charlotte has on display.


 Which is not to imply that the Queen of Sweden has been a slacker. She's just not as abundant at the moment. And what there is is hard to photograph. 

I'm going to take full advantage of this day of rest to take a breather from the quilt I've been building. This will be my interpretation of a junk journal. It began with some panels from a line of fabric that is called Art Journal.

 I've been collecting text prints for years now. This has been the project to bring them out to play.

 My plan has been to build up the panels and then other bits and pieces into blocks that will finish at twelve inches square. Four of those across and five down would create a quilt 48" wide and 60" long. I wanted something a bit larger than that but didn't want to make more 12" blocks. I've suffered a series of minor toxic exposures while this has been underway and that makes thinking difficult to impossible. So, during a lucid moment, I figured I could make 4" wide sashing strips to go between the blocks in rows and then 3" sashing to go between the rows. That will give me a top that measures about 60" wide and 72" long. 

This is where I am at the moment:

There are a few more 4" sashes to make, and then the 3" rows. I'm on a September deadline. The quilting won't take long as I imagine a simple meander will be all it needs or wants to hold it together. I just need a few more days of good air quality and energy to get it done!