Thursday, August 12, 2010


We have relatives coming for a short visit. To that end DH has requested we try to tidy the home place up a bit. Well, yeah. But honestly, this is my creed and I do my best to live by it:

Never mind the chemical intolerance issues; nothing makes me crankier than having to clean things that won't be clean fifteen minutes from when I finish. Or won't be noticeably improved by my efforts. I also get out of sorts when the stuff I'm trying to tidy away belongs to someone else (whose pseudo initials are DH). So to put off the inevitable as long as possible this is what I did this morning:

To avoid cleaning yesterday I made these:

And the day before that I made these:

Now I need to go sew some more to sweeten my mood before the relatives arrive... ;- )


  1. LOL...Sue, I knew we were very much alike...I completely agree with your stance! Sew girl, SEW!!!

  2. I hear ya! Good luck with the relatives. They won't notice a thing.

  3. avoid housework yesterday I mowed the lawn and cut back the berry bushes...I like your avoidance activities more than mine! Possibly I need to take lessons as well!


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