Monday, August 16, 2010

But Wait, There's More!

C~ went back to the Fair and look what she found:

This is my Christmas Round Robin quilt in the Group Quilt class. The central panel was made in rows by about half a dozen members of my local quilt guild several years ago. Eventually I made the sampler blocks that make up the borders, set it all together, and had Heather quilt it for me. Apparently we done good - that's a blue First Place ribbon covered up by the white Best in Class rosette!!!

I sure picked the right year to enter the Fair! Reading the judge's comments was interesting. She had a form on which she could make a check mark for 'fair,' 'good,' or 'excellent' for design, use of color, use of fabric, piecing technique, quilting technique, and finishing of corners and edges and the binding. The "binding is perfect" on this quilt and it "lays flat, corners are square." Meanwhile, on my Fungly she pointed out that it doesn't lay flat and the binding is only fair. Hmm. Maybe I'll go back and have a closer look at that. Her one positive comment on the Fungly was that she loved the backing. The backing is mostly one piece of fabric, bordered by something completely unrelated. She had to dig deep for that one! ;- )

Winning two rosettes and two blue ribbons is a wonderful experience. I've never done so well in any show I've entered. I want to thank everyone for your warm congratulations too. I've had a rough weekend health wise but I've read and been lifted by your comments.

Since I last showed the starts of a new batch of scrappy blocks I've managed to get 12 of them up to 6.5 inches but that's about all I've done.

We enjoyed our visit with family from out of state. Now that they're gone and the Fair is a thing of the past I have to figure out or decide what I'm going to apply myself to next. I admit to being a little bored with the crumb blocks (although they will be great as leaders and enders). I'm not quite ready to assemble another quilt out of orphan blocks. I've used up most of the bigger blocks I had in my stash and it takes more of the smaller blocks to build a quilt of any size obviously. So we'll see what bubbles to the surface over the next couple of days...


  1. Congratulations!

    Our fair (which I avoid) does not identify the judges nor do they give any comments. Very sad.

    Not to worry about what to do next ... the idea(s) will come!

  2. Whoo hoo!! That's wonderful, Sue! Aren't you glad you entered now? Congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations again on some much-deserved recognition. This is your year!

  4. I really like this "new batch of scrappy blocks"! Also - congrats on the ribbons. You deserve that.


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