Friday, October 2, 2009

Studio Tour Part One

I have a suspicion Blogger won't let me load all the pictures I want to share with you in one post so I'm going to break this tour up into parts. We'll begin with an overall shot of my studio from the entry door.

This room was intended to be the master bedroom of our little bungalow home. (I need more room for my artwork than I do for sleeping!) I have created an island in the middle of the room with a six foot banquet table, an antique baking table, a short file cabinet and my ironing board. My Pfaff sewing machine is on the banquet table behind the baking table and file cabinet. My cutting mat is on the baking table, barely visible in this photo. Whenever I'm not working on a project that surface collects stuff like a powerful magnet. Generally the fabrics for the projects I'm working on get piled on top of the filing cabinet. There are also stacks of fabrics for prospective projects.

Here's a close-up of the baking table. The square drawer in the upper left is full of rick rack and other trims. The little drawers hold my extra rotary cutters and blades and other miscellaneous hand tools. In the long flat drawers I keep plastic bags in assorted sizes and pattern papers. The drawer with the rounded bottom hold yarns. I store my holiday dish towels in the cubby behind the door.

On the floor in front of the baking/cutting table is a rug my mother designed and hooked.

If you turn around from the cutting table you'll face my design wall. On the right is the door to the hallway, on the left is the door to my bathroom.

Turn that corner (to the left again) and you have my desk wall. The desk is flanked by a pair of bookcases, filled mostly with books. My radio/cd player tops the right hand bookcase. You can see I have lots of visual inspiration in my space. (The uninitiated would call it clutter.)

I have tried to load these pictures in such a way that you can click on them to get a larger image. Below is a close-up of the upper half of the bookcase to the left of the desk. The yellow and orange on the left side of the picture is actually a couple of leis my SIL brought me when he visited Hawaii briefly on his first deployment. They are hanging from the cord of a movable lamp I have clamped to my fabric bookcase. I wear them when I need to lighten up or if I'm feeling especially playful already.

Did you notice the sign that says Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy? ;- )

If we turn the next corner to the left we have more bookcases, but these hold my quilting cottons.

On top we have more eye candy and some actual storage bins. One stack of tins hold snaps and elastic and such, the others are empty. The plastic shoe boxes have my silk tie remnants and some craft goodies. The bigger plastic boxes hold my embroidery threads. The smaller tote on top contains the warm color families, the tote on the bottom has the cool color families and the neutrals. You can see a bit of the beaded curtain I have over the one window in the room in this photo too.

We'll cover the last wall and my sewing station in the next post.


  1. I love that you can see all your fabric and pull inspiration from their colors. Thanks for sharing your space.

  2. I loved seeing your studio! The colors and "feel" of it are great. I feel as if I could spend a long while looking at stuff and I like that! This is somewhat the way my studio looks except right now you can't see the floor!!! LOL

  3. Hi! I would do the same thing if i had to, switch bedrooms to get more art space....looks like you have lot's of fun in there!
    Smiles, Anke:)

  4. I like your studio!!! I was trying to picture my husband's face if I told him that I needed our bedroom for my studio... LOL!

    You mentioned my little bird on my blog - I actually found it at Michaels! It was in the discount section in summer, so no idea if there are any more left...

  5. I love the colors of that rainbow fabric stash!
    Your baking table is a great antique and gives such a homey feel to this large room!!

  6. I never would have thought to use the master bedroom as my studio. I can see how fabulous it is to have oodles more space. I like the baking cutting table. :-)


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