Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Outside & Inside

One more shot of my giant cosmos - this time with the two mums I just bought. I got the pair for only five dollars!! I expected to pay that much for each one.

The temperatures have come down significantly. I may even be able to wear my new IBOL sweatshirt for a whole day.

It's only a medium but it's a bit big on me. It will be lovely for those gray days when snuggling on the couch with a book is the order of the day. And it will bring back memories of the Iraqi Bundles of Love project which will make me smile. IBOL Guy counts 3, 442 bundles received so far and he thinks that's going to be the final total. Now he's trying to recruit manpower and supplies to distribute the loot.

This weekend I am going to be a part of the online studio tour sponsored by Cloth-Paper-Scissors magazine.

You can check out the details here. And then be sure to swing by here again Friday or Saturday or Sunday to see the mess I call my studio! (I'm not cleaning it up, not even for you!)


  1. It'll be good to see your studio space. I'm really looking forward to peeking at everyone's work areas...

  2. You're right. It is getting very cold at night here. It was 58 degrees this morning when I woke up. My husband has replenished our firewood in the house in preparation of our first fire of the year in the woodstove and I think it's getting pretty close to needing it.

    Can't wait to see your sewing studio.


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