Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flitting About

It's been an eventful week so far. At least it seems so to me, whose life is not what one would call eventful most of the time.

Monday I went out to look again for background fabric for DGD's quilt, not realizing that it was Columbus Day. I couldn't figure out why in the world there was so much traffic! And the store I went to was busy and smelled strongly of perfume. Not a good thing. But I did find this print I think will work. I bought enough so that I can use it exclusively if I so choose.

Yesterday I went out again, this time to deliver the preemie quilts I've been making. Oh, and I made one more on Monday:

It's a good thing I made as many as I did because apparently some of the ladies didn't follow instructions and donated quilts that can't be used. Too bad.

Today I have to go out again (!) to replenish my vitamins and supplements. Might as well pick up some actual food while I'm at it.

My SIL sent me a surprise package that arrived over the weekend:

Fun halloween prints! There was a skull and cross-bones charm too, I just didn't get it into the picture. It's all I can do to keep myself from making a Halloween preemie quilt. (Do you think that would be inappropriate? ;- ))

Tomorrow is the last day to get your name in the hat for the Pink Artists Prize Wheel. Every $10 you donate will give you two chances to win one of the original works of art and goes to support the Susan G. Komen search for the cure for breast cancer.

Be Bold - go donate!


  1. I like the preemie quilt! But I know what you mean -- when I pick up donations for Project Linus, it's not uncommon to find something that really isn't acceptable. It's a shame when people go to all that time and effort and then a hospital can't use it.

  2. For a baby who happens to be born on October 31, a Halloween preemie quilt would be just about perfect ... but maybe not so much for those born in February or June ...

  3. Well, my preemie son was born in Oct and we "dressed" him up for Halloween in a little green outfit with a headband I had added yellow petals to. Then We put a not on his crib that said " world's smallest SONflower". We also gave all the nurses candy. I would have loved a Halloween quilt!

  4. How generous of you to donate these lovely prizes to the breast cancer awareness fundraiser. I was lucky enough to win the one shown on top and it's absolutely stunning - thank you so much!


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