Friday, October 2, 2009

Studio Tour Part Two

When we left off in part one of this tour (see post immediately below this one) we were on the west wall of my studio space, the window wall. Under that window I have one of these rolling drawer units. I use it to store my beading thread, the extra throat plate for my sewing machine, most of my machine threads, and assorted tools and notions. It's placed sideways to allow more room for the chair at the sewing machine. Fortunately it's not less convenient to get things out of it this way. It's also a handy place to store DVD's and my cell phone!

Further along that wall under the window I have a stack of bins in which you'll find the rest of my collection of recycled silk ties. Then there's a pile of containers of cotton scraps. I didn't get a picture of that particular corner of the room. In it I have an antique record cabinet that belonged to my grandfather topped with a TV and DVD player. Turning that corner we have the closet wall.

My orphan block boxes are on the shelf, and a bin with medium sized pieces of batting. There's other stuff stored up there as well but it's not germaine to this tour. The fabric you see here are flannels and other-than-cotton yardages. The laundry basket is full of dupioni silks. On the other side of the closet is my bead storage, and I hang tote bags on the back of the studio door.

Here's a straight-on shot of that end of the wall. No, I'm not trying to show off the pathetic collection of ribbons I've won; I wanted you to see that those are three separate units of mini drawers mounted on the wall. You know, the kind you find in the hardware section of any discount store. I cut up index cards to make little labels for each drawer. This is where I keep my beads and novelty buttons. The bin on the floor has my bulk buttons and sequins. I have a couple of old cutting mats and my mother's old blocking board (she was a knitter) stored behind the door too.

Here's what the top of the banquet table looks like when it's clean. This is an old picture!

This is what it looks like right now behind my sewing machine. There are birds and dolls all over the studio, including back here. The toucan is sitting on top of a Cadbury's tin in which I keep the tags from the ties I recycle. The yellow tin below that is where my rayon threads for decorative machine stitching are kept. The Diane Phalen tin is my portable sewing kit. Except I hardly go anywhere with it anymore. But it keeps the tools I use most often right at hand:

Fresh needles for the sewing machine, my hemostats, a bit of rubber for pulling stuck needles through thick layers, marking tools, Thread Heaven, the sheath for my Gingher scissors, even a pair of folding scissors.

And that concludes this tour of my studio space. Oh, except for one thing:

No studio is complete without the regulation fur-bearing creature!

Added 10-4: Here's the link to the list of the other bloggers participating in this studio tour. Sorry I didn't think to put that up sooner!


  1. love the tour of your much for inspiration...hugs, rebecca

  2. Finally, someone has as many books as I have (YES!!). I love your old bakers would match nicely with my old desk I have my computer on. And, your furry mascot is so cute! Thanks for inviting us.
    Mary Anne

  3. You definitely do have some eye candy for inspiration (not to mention the sweet doggy friend). Thanks for sharing your studio! If you have time, come visit my studio on tour and enjoy a virtual cup of tea. Blessings!

  4. Hi there! I love your blog. Found it through QA's open studio's blog roll. I'm going to come back and browse more later. Back to working on my doll now!

  5. You have a very nice studio. Having your mother's beautiful rug in there must be very inspirational.

  6. Thanks for sharing your studio with us. What a practical decision to turn the MB into your studio. Oh, and I totally agree... no studio is complete without a furry friend.

  7. you've got a lovely spacious studio! and I love your antique furniture!
    Quilts from Canaan

  8. Your space is lovely! The arrangement of your quilting cottons is beautiful...its lucky I don't live near you or I'd be in stroking them! And the latch hook rug from your Mother is an inspiration!
    Thank you for visiting my place too!

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  10. What a great space to create in, sue! I'd love to have so much space, but i suspect i'd fill it up too, lol! luckily, bead embroidery doesn't take a lot of table space!

  11. Great space. Love the baking table. I may need to have that!
    Thanks for visiting my space also.
    You even knew he was a Basenji - WOW

  12. Thanks for sharing your space and for visiting mine also!!! i love your space...full of inspiration and most of all i love your little dog...pets are the best companions in a studio :)

  13. Thanks for the tour and you're right, companions make the space all that much better!


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