Friday, October 23, 2009

Stunning News

Here we have my two granddaughters with one of their uncles. You may be able to tell that this was taken very recently. ;- ) Miss M is now four and a half years old and her little sister is just over two.

Their mother, my Darling Daughter, has been suffering through the worst pregnancy she's ever had. We've been thinking the source of her difficulties must be the boy they've been hoping to add to their family.

Tuesday she had her first ultrasound. It's not a boy. It's twin girls. TWINS!! My tiny little bird-boned daughter is trying to carry twins! Eeek!

Needless to say, there's been a flurry of phone calls and emails and a mad scramble to come up with a whole new set of potential names (not that there's any real hurry in that department). They were pretty well settled on a boy's name. DD claimed they were all out of ideas for another girl's name anyway. (You know how it is, having to find names both parents can agree on.) Inbetween researching baby girl names on the internet I've been visiting online fabric retailers. Went a little nuts to be honest. One order has already arrived - turns out that vendor is not far from where we live. Some of what I ordered was intended for preemie quilts - for other people's premature babies - because I have nicely depleted my inventory of flannels for that purpose. Now I will have to make preemie quilts for my own daughter's babies. There's no way her petite little frame will carry two babies to term. I understand twins typically come about 6 weeks early anyway. Yikes!

To further complicate matters, DD and SonInLaw are trying to buy their first house and SIL is scheduled to leave on a 6 month deployment in mid-November. He will not be around for the birth; he'll be somewhere on the other side of the world. Hoo boy.

Before my world was turned upside down by all this news I did manage to get my flannel Lincoln Logs quilt sandwiched and pin basted.

I even slept under it last night, with the batting hanging out all around the edges and everything. What I need to do now is figure out what color and type of thread to tie it with so I can get that finished up for good. And then there's the quilt for little sister's big girl bed and receiving blankets to make and, and, and...


  1. What exciting news! I'm sure it's a shock, but you have time to plan and prepare. And little girls are just lovely.
    My mom had twins and didn't know there would be 2 until after the first one was born! Things have improved since the 1940's.

  2. My neighbors have twin boys - they're college juniors now but were teeny toddlers when they moved in. Congrats to your daughter and all of you (knowing is SO much better than wondering WHY she has felt so awful).

    Here's to preemie everything (our younger son was 3 weeks early and we needed teensy diapers and all).

    Wow ... twins ... four girls ...

    p.s. did you know your comments are coming through as a 'no reply' blogger?

  3. Wow! How wonderful, amazing, and of course, a bit of a surprise! There's something about having to kick into full gear that makes even the most challenging of transitions possible. Let's hope that all the stars line up to make this one as healthy, happy, and even keeled as possible! You can ALL do this...that's what's important. Just a bit sooner,and in different colors ;)

  4. What beautiful girls!! I have a friend whose dd had two sets of twins about a year apart. YIKES indeed. I feel for you and for her with the deployment - I went through three years of that with my #3 son. It's not fun - just keep sewing to alleviate stress.

  5. That's a lot of very exciting news! Congratulations to you and your family. Twin girls must be a sewing grandmother's dream come true.

    I hope your daughter starts to feel better with her pregnancy.

  6. What wonderful news. Yes, a flurry of excitement is in order, but you will meet this new challenge with exuberance. Don't forget to slow down once in a while and take a deep breath.

  7. Oh Wow! What news! I'll keep your daughter in my thoughts that all goes smoothly, and that she starts feeling better soon.

    Your little GrandDaughters are cuties!

    Making preemie quilts for your own twin granddaughters will be so much fun - I can just imagine all the love you'll be putting into them.

  8. Oh my God! Twins! How exciting! You're going to be BUSY, aren't you? Congratulations to all. By the way, did you get my email with pictures? Have you changed your email address?

  9. Congrats on your double blessings on the way, keep us posted! xoxo melzie

  10. What a surprise! I hope everything goes smoothly for them. Two more girls. Well, they can still try for a boy again later, lol.


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