Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thrifty Goodness

I went to the thrift shop this morning. It was exciting because I was able to have a nice long browse without becoming horribly ill (and I'm feeling remarkably well even now). There was a lot to see too; all their Halloween merchandise was put out recently and hadn't been picked over too much yet. I found this painted bucket that is just the right size to house one of my potted plants for the season.

It's a grinning cat's face in case you're having a hard time deciphering the image.
One of his eyes is obscured by the plant leaf.

I brought home several small treasures but the most interesting is a set of 5 china salad or dessert plates. I wasn't really looking for such things and almost missed them entirely. Then when I saw that they were priced as a set, not singly, I really had to work to convince myself it was okay to buy the whole collection. I'm accustomed to spending $5.00 or less when I go to the thrift shop. The set of plates was $9.50... plus I had all my other goodies. I'm nothing if not a creature of habit. It's pretty silly how hard it can be to break out of those habits sometimes. So here's a shot of one of the plates:

There were no cups or saucers or anyting else that I could see. The plates are marked off center on the back with Foley China, a horizontal oval with the inscription EB&Co, and Made in England below that. There's also a tiny orange dot to the right of the oval. I don't know what I have here but I couldn't leave those birds at the store!

My first thought was to hang one plate on a wall where I could enjoy it everyday. Someday I'll have to show you the wall of bird prints I have in my dining area. I also have a small collection of decorative plates on another wall. I may eventually hang one of these on that wall. In the meantime I think I'm just going to let myself use them for my luch each day. :- )


  1. Looks like you really found some treasures! Your cat plant holder is so cute! And your bird plates are beautiful and different!

    I looked to see if I had any fabrics similar to what you're looking for, but I have nothing. Sorry. :(

  2. Have you looked that mark up on the internet? I think you could have something worth slightly more than $9.00 there. They really are beautiful.

  3. Lovely find! Those birds are certainly singing now to have found such a fine home! And you keep on, feeling're doing so well, you might as well just keep getting better and better :)

  4. Hi Sue. Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you, but thanks so much for your lovely comment and for visiting my studio tour.
    Your studio space looks great! Must be a wonderful place to create. Especially love that baking table.

  5. If you don't break your patterns now, when will you? Now if they'd been $99.50 I can see you hesitating but some fun plates for lunch and maybe to hang ought to be okay at less than $10.


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