Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Liberated Stars

I'm still working on the flannel quilt for the Hope Squared Project as part of Margaret's Hope Chest. Most recently I've been making liberated stars. This block is great for flannels. Because flannel is bulkier and tends to stretch it's not a good choice for precise piecing. Liberated stars are not precise!

The biggest problem I'm having is getting enough contrast between my colors and prints. My palette is limited and I am determined to use what I have, not buy more. The star below began with one of the Broken Dishes blocks I made from the off-cuts of my heart blocks.

I currently have three rows complete. I also have enough 4 Patch units to make three narrow rows. I still need about 15" to achieve the length I'm shooting for.

And for the first time in the 20 years I've been using rotary cutters I finally managed to cut myself yesterday. Do you like my skull & crossbones band aids? ;- ) (You can also see the remnants of that eczema outbreak I complained of a while back.)

It's not a bad cut. Maybe a little more than a paper cut. It sure didn't want to quit bleeding though! I sort of brushed my finger with the edge of the blade when I didn't cover the blade between trimming bits. I was only functioning on half a brain yesterday, otherwise this probably wouldn't have happened.

Now I have to get busy creating rows for those last 15 inches...


  1. I totally love that star block with the broken dishes center -- it has a real 3-D feel! What a great idea.
    Sorry about your finger. :(

  2. Love the broken dishes star. And I'm sympathetic about the eczema as I am a fellow sufferer! Have you tried Skin MD Natural on it? I've found it helps me during our (admittedly short) cold season.

  3. Part of the charm of wonky stars is that they don't have to jump out at you. I like them very much. I haven't cut myself yet but I got one of the ones that self closes as a prevention measure. I kept forgetting to close the regular one and could imagine it falling on my feet and slicing them...

  4. Your stars are so cute and cheerful. You're doing a good job of getting contrast with the fabrics you have on hand.

    I'm going to have to look for those band aids. They're too cool.

  5. Oh nooo!! About a month ago I dropped my rotary cutter on my foot, slicing my two smallest toes. I feel your pain! Love the blocks though. It's going to be a good lookin' quilt!


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