Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flannel Rows

In this post I'm going to show you the individual rows I created from the flannel parts and scraps. (I don't think I mentioned previously that I had in mind for this to be a horizontal row quilt right from the beginning.) As of yesterday I have the body of the quilt top assembled but you'll have to wait to see that in another post. (Aren't I cruel?!) I think I have loaded these pictures in the order in which the rows were created. They didn't necessarily end up in the quilt top in this order.

Row one:

Row two:

Row three:

And row four:

You should be able to click on each picture to get a larger image of it and a better look at the blocks.

Today I expect to be creating borders for the top and bottom edges of the quilt to get the length I want it to have. After that it will be a matter of finding something in my stash that will work for backing, looking to see whether I have sufficient batting in my closet or whether someone will have to go out and get some for me, and clearing off the dining table so I can sandwich the layers. The latter is no small feat, let me tell you! It's not a big table but it currently has layers of its' own that I will have to put somewhere else!


  1. LOL -- I know what you mean about clearing space on the table! Good luck!
    It's going to be such a cozy winter quilt, really nice. :)

  2. This is looking really fine! Thanks for the great entertainment, also, of watching it progress. I wish we had winter in Austin - no need for cozy quilts or knitted sweaters here. Oh well.


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