Friday, October 16, 2009

Borders On, Borders Off

Just because I found fabric for the background of the blocks for DGD's quilt doesn't mean that's the quilt I'm working on. ;- )

No, instead I've pulled out my Lincoln Logs friendship top and have been working on that.

It could be that I was inspired by the season or the weather - it's cooler and wetter now - because this is a flannel quilt top. (I last worked on it almost exactly two years ago.) At any rate, I thought I wanted it bigger so I added borders to all four sides.

Then yesterday I started building the back. I've had this flannel print in my stash for many years and have been looking forward to using it in a special quilt. Those buildings are outhouses. {grin!}

I left the outhouse yardage whole and just added strips of other flannels around it. For the photo below I folded the big piece back on itself; it's not really this long and skinny.

I also added another strip of a light plaid all the way around before I quit working yesterday. I wasn't completely happy with it though.

This morning I decided that the borders I'd put on the top weren't working. I took them off. After trying the quilt top on the bed in various directions I decided to just add borders to two of the sides, thus making the top nearly square. I used different fabrics this time and I like it much better.

When I had that done I reluctantly came to the conclusion that the last round of strips I'd added to the back would also have to come off. {sigh} I removed the top and bottom strips but then decided to just cut the side strips down to half their original width.

This still needs to be a bit bigger in both width and length. I have a plan in mind...
Stay tuned to see what happens!


  1. It really is a perfect time of year for a flannel quilt. It's looking good!

  2. I so admire the amount of work that goes into the traditional quilts!

  3. Your quilt back design is a good match for the front. Love the outhouse fabric :-).

  4. Only people who have never had to use a real outhouse think they're cute! I love the flannel quilt and it will be really warm and cuddly.

  5. oh, I love the lincoln logs blocks! that looks great - and you're right, this is the time for flannel quilts. I found a flannel top I'd pieced last spring... couldn't bring myself to finish it then, but it's looking pretty tempting right now :)


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