Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Silver Anniversary

Or maybe more like gray ;- )

However you choose to label it, we had a lovely day at the beach. This beach:

It didn't seem that overcast when we were there; I don't think the pictures do it justice in spite of the tweaking I did to them. It was a sort of lightly overcast sky. The clouds didn't let any blue or actual sunshine through but at least they weren't dark gray and threatening. And it was warm enough to be comfortable in a well-padded jacket.

We pretty much had the beach to ourselves, which was also nice. This is one of the rare places along the coastline of Washington State where there's sand on the beach. Mind you, there are still plenty of rocks , but there's more sand than elsewhere within a short drive of home.

I could have sat there all day just watching and listening as the water hit the sand and then flowed away again...

We did walk the shoreline, and I brought home a couple of feathers, a bivalve shell still pretty much intact, and a couple of rocks. I'm not normally a rock person but these two were so smooth I just couldn't resist. And look at the big rock on the left in this picture:

I swear to you it was lavender! I didn't do anything to alter the color in the photo. There are pretty cool black and white striped rocks on the beaches in this area too. It was a marvel the first time we saw them but as it turns out they're fairly common.

All in all it has been a pretty quiet celebration. But we've enjoyed being together and ignoring the clamor of the world. We rented a couple of movies and one disc of the first season of Pushing Daisies. I was surprised to discover that I enjoyed Igor (with John Cusack) more than WALL-E. Don't get me wrong, both are good movies, I just enjoyed the intelligent humor of Igor a lot.

I have done a bit of sewing over the last few days too. I'm about ready to set the food blocks into a top. And then I will have to figure out what to use for sashing!

Thank you for your felicitations and positive feedback. You guys are good at warming the cockles of my heart :- )


  1. happy anniversary. the beach looks cold, and wild. lovely.

  2. "Ignoring the clamor of the world" is one of the main reasons I love the beach - north Florida style. Rocks? I love rocks. How could I not with a geologist for a father. Rocks are beautiful! I"m glad you had a lovely anniversary.

  3. Thanks for the pictures of the beach!! Sigh.
    Love and hugs, Carol


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