Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad Dog

Reilly went to the groomer the day before yesterday. He came back too toxic for me to be around. I already had arranged for him to spend a few days with DD this weekend so DH and I could spend our 25th wedding anniversary sans chien. (DH isn't a big fan of dogs. Or cats. He's allergic to animal danders. And pollen and dust and mold... We're like Jack Spratt and his wife: He can't handle naturally occuring allergens, I can. Chemicals don't bother him but nearly kill me. Of course.) All I had to do was find someone who could take him until DD could pick him up. Fortunately that only took a few phone calls.
Unfortunately, poor Reilly didn't have a clue what was going on.

I don't think I've shown you this pillow I made recently, using up some scraps of fishing related prints:

Of course I had to put this on the back!

I also finished up the Broken Dishes doll quilt I'd been working on (after deciding to keep the Spare Change flannel doll quilt for myself!). Made a quickie pillow to go with it too.

There are a couple more food blocks to show you, and I've started work on that Friendship top that's been hanging in my way for years, but right now I need to get off the computer and pack a lunch so DH and I can go out to the coast! :- )


  1. Love the quilt and those pillows are exciting! Reilly.. open invitation to spend the day with my Freckles.. dinner & a movie? *smile*

    So HAPPY to work alongside you making dresses. Most especially, I'm BEYOND the moon to creatively find a way (again) to help through ART. You inspire!

    xo, monica :)

  2. aack!

    I really should hang up the phone BEFORE I type.. SMILE.

    Came back to add, AWSUM to create with you again Sue!

  3. Congrats on the anniversary. Enjoy the time away!

  4. Best wishes on the anniversary. Fish fabric! another thing for me to shop for

  5. Happy 25th Sue! I love that strippy premie quilt with the hearts - adorable. And I love all your novelty fabrics in the churn dash blocks. I really think you picked the perfect block pattern to showcase them. Hope the sun comes out to play for you soon.

  6. That fish pillow turned out great - both sides! Poor doggy. I bet he's happier now. My husband and I are opposite on just about everything and going on 37 years. Hope you enjoyed your anniversary and that you go way past 37!

  7. The fish pillow makes me laugh: sort of a "before and after" fishing pillow.

    Enjoy your weekend away and Happy Anniversary.


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