Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back to Blocks

...If I can remember where we left off!

I don't think you've seen these yet. The one on the top right is per Carol's request ;- )

The two on the bottom of this set (below) are made from prints I bought while DH and I were celebrating our anniversary. No holiday is complete without new fabric!

I think I'm ready to set these blocks together now. My original plan was to make 20 blocks and set them 4 across by 5 down with sashing and a border. While I was making the blocks I thought about making 30 blocks instead and just mashing them together. If I added a border the top would end up being about the same size. Stay tuned to see what happens!

And now, in honor of the special day that it is I offer you this link to a news report I can only hope is true :- )


  1. HI THERE....OH MY...your churndashes are ALOT neater and straighter than mine. Yours are
    W-A-Y cute!!! I sure like your fabric selections too!!
    And thanks for coming over to say Hi!!

  2. Hey there,

    The cupcake fabric is too cute!

    Feel free to use the idea for that artwork on my blog. I got the idea from somebody else in a magazine. They are so fun to make and I prefer to keep them under glass since they have such delicate objects on them.

  3. I love it!! Can't wait to see them put together, what a great idea for a quilt, I might have to steal it! ;-)
    And Happy Anniversary!

  4. Your blocks are so fun and clever! Love that pretzel fabric! This is gonna be a fun quilt!
    And belatedly, happy anniversary!

  5. You must be having fun if you're considering making more blocks. They do look great. I love the pretzel fabric.

  6. Hooray for the chocolate! Thanks, Sue!!

    Love, Carol


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