Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready for Lunch?

Thanks for all of your positive comments on this strippy preemie quilt. It really is one of my favorites too. You may not be able to tell from the photograph, but it is now backed and quilted. (Hopefully you can get bigger images by clicking on the pictures.)

And here are the blocks I've been making for a new Foster Quilt.

I have a lot of novelty prints in my stash. One of the shorter stacks is comprised of food prints. I finally decided to see what I could do with them. I thought about some more wonky stars; they're so much fun to make. In the end I went with this variation of the Hole in the Barn Door pattern. Or maybe it's a variation of Churn Dash. Whatever. I chose it because it allowed me to feature one print in a really big square. The blocks will finish at 12". The center patch is 6".

Right off the bat I found I didn't always have a 6 1/2" square available for the center so I had to come up with some other block to use. That's when I reverted back to what I know as the original Hole in the Barn Door block. (Or Churn Dash. Or Monkey Wrench.)

It will be fun, I think, to have a mixture of block patterns throughout the quilt top. It will also be good to use up (or at least make a dent in) these old prints.


  1. Your blocks look great! And a good use for those fun food prints. I like that you're thinking of using different variations of the same block in one quilt - that would be a fun "I Spy" game with a child. And that's a good solution to your dilemma as well!

  2. these look such fun-I really like this idea and what a way to use some fun prints

  3. It's a challenge to find blocks for novelty fabrics. Both these versions look great and it might be fun to combine them.

    Great job on the hearts quilt. That one's very special.


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