Monday, March 9, 2009

Aww, Come On!

I don't normally post this frequently (so don't get used to it!) but I just had to share.

This is what we woke up to this morning:

For the record, it's March 9 and we live in the temperate Pacific Northwest, not the Snow Zone. Since I took this picture, about an hour ago, it has started snowing again. Big fat flakes that are piling up as if in preparation for a picture perfect Northern Hemisphere Christmas Eve or something. Sheesh. I left Michigan for a reason! Well, the snow wasn't the main reason, but still. Enough already!

Over the weekend I did get the borders on the sampler/orphan block quilt top for a local Foster Child:

You should be able to click on the picture to see it in a bigger format.

I also started making some more 12" blocks for what I intend to be another Foster Child quilt. You'll probably see those in my next post. Now I have to get the bills paid and figure out how I'm going to get out to get the thread I need...


  1. I'm interested in your quilts for a foster child project. Can you tell me about it? To whom and how do you deliver the quilts? Is it just you, or do you have a group?

  2. Fickle weather. It was 83 a couple of days ago; cooler today. By the weekend it's supposed to be wintery again.

    The quilt turned out really cute!

  3. Snow, and we here in Southern California are complaining about the cold--between 60 and 65 degrees! Charming quilt. I'm sure that the child will love it.

  4. Texas is doing it's typical - we actually had four days of drizzle and cold - and then right back up to 80. No spring here.


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