Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Visit to Hogwarts

Rather than baste and quilt "Child's Play" (see previous post) right away I wanted to get out some more remnants to see what else I could create. I found a print that was inspired by the Harry Potter stories. I also had a little bit of an official Harry Potter print. I fussy cut images from both prints and ended up with quite an assortment of shapes and sizes.

The bigger images fit nicely into a patch that will finish at eight inches so my goal was to build up the smaller images to that size.

My first inclination is always to design in a vertical format. As I built blocks and cut images I tried to arrange them vertically. It wasn't working very well.

So I tried a horizontal layout. All of a sudden things seemed to be falling into place much more easily!

If you look closely (double click on the picture) you'll see how I've built up the various images. You'll see that I've added Hedwig the owl and the golden snitch to the mix too. I am shooting for a finished quilt about 40 x 60" again but then I got to thinking that if there's a Harry Potter fan on the waiting end for this quilt it might be an older child who is also bigger. So we'll see how it grows. :- )


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