Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Fiber Artists' Fantasy

So last night I was mulling over all the projects I've committed to doing and all the other ones I want to do sooner or later. Eventually I had this lovely vision of a large, light-filled, open space with a hard surface floor (in the vision it looked like hardwood). There was a giant cutting table in the middle of the room. Like maybe six feet by eight feet... minimum. Three sides of the room were ringed with sewing stations, each one set up with the fabrics and tools necessary for a particular project. Not just banquet tables but built in cabinets with storage drawers. There were stations for my beading and journaling too. I didn't see it but there must have been at least one ironing board in the room, an extra wide one, and a washer and dryer somewhere nearby.

All I had to do was walk in and decide which project I wanted to work on that day. I could go immediately to that sewing machine (or whatever), sit down, and begin working. {deep sigh}

Wouldn't that be heavenly?


  1. Oh yea. And endless time and energy too. Plus throw in a few million bucks and mostly sunny days and, and, and...

  2. It is such fun to dream . . . and I'd want a rocker/recliner in the room for taking breaks along with a microwave and water so I could make hot tea anytime I wanted . . .



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