Friday, October 8, 2010

But I Don't Want to Put My Toys Away!

I don't feel like I have much to share. I've been working on my Sketchbook Project but the pages I've been working on are not finished and I'm not willing to show them unfinished (still haven't figured out why). What I find interesting is how much time it takes to bring a page to completion. It's also been one of those up-and-down weeks in terms of my health. What I have accomplished is setting the pieced blocks for my husband's new quilt into two columns. Here's a partial shot of one of the columns:

Unfortunately, the Day of the Dead patches are hard to see in these photos. I have two blocks each of three vignettes but arranged them in different orders in the two columns.

The quilt will be about 84" long when it's done, that's why you can't see the bottom of my panels. I cut the whole cloth strips between the pieced columns to finish at 12". Now that I have the five strips up on the design wall I'm thinking I need to add a narrow strip of the black (a Moda marble) to either side of the pieced columns to give them a bit more breathing room. In order to do that I have to clear the cutting table of the Sketchbook mess first. And in order to do that I have to find someplace to put the mess. I've let things go in other rooms to the point that I'm running out of places to pile stuff. One of these days I'm going to have to break down and use my energy to tidy up rather than to play. :-P

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  1. Perfect 'holiday' quilt ;) I must confess I like the idea of looking death in the face and not being afraid to be a very good thing. All of the primeval archetypes are fascinating.So, read vampire books and he will cuddle under a skull guys are truly an interesting couple. Actually, I think it is great and great fun. I like the skulls lurking a bit within the tones and prints!


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