Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blood and Bones

I feel like I've drunk from this cup again. Had to go visit the vampires yesterday for a blood draw. First, the gal did not do a good job. Second, she was wearing something completely overpowering, in spite of my mask. I doubt it was a perfume; it could have been her deordorant. The alcohol swab didn't help matters any either. Today I found out I have to go back in again for some kind of follow-up visit. I only just recovered from yesterday's exposure. :-P

I finally completed the top for my husbands' new quilt. The columns of pieced blocks were overwhelmed by the spatter paint print so I cut some extra sashing and made those two columns wider. It made all the difference.

I have it spread out on our double bed for its' photograph but it will only be a twin size quilt when it's finished. I still need to create a back for it. I think the more prudent action today would be to sew up some scraps or to find a way to work with some happy colors. I need to get out of this funk somehow.


  1. I can't believe they don't have a no perfume rule. Everywhere around here is signed as a no scent zone so that covers more than perfume.
    You are right about getting out of your funk. I don't think that quilt is going to do it! It's beautiful but in a funky way. Lol.

  2. When something really gets chuck, we often find the person uses dryer sheets when drying their clothes...they just don't realize how evil the scent can be in those awful things!


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