Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Cake

I accepted A Creative Dreamer's Creativity Invitation. The prompt for the month of June was "Let them eat cake!" June happens to be my birthday month so I wrote this little bit of prose in honor of my birthday this year:

Birthday Cake

This year

my birthday cake

was made of

solid rock cliffs

frosted with sun warmed grass,

sprinkled with dainty flowers

and crowned with pine tree candles.

Pieces of cake,

giant dark boulders,

walked into the sea.

Ocean waves murmured birthday wishes

and threw frothy party favors in my lap.

Gulls danced and sang the birthday song.

This was the most delicious cake

I’ve ever had on a birthday!

I thought it would be a good challenge to myself to try a bit of creative writing in place of a stitched something. We'll see whether that's how I approach the Creativity challenges every month or whether I do something different each month.

There has been more progress on the second quilt for the Quilt Gather. I'll show it in another post.


  1. Well, most definitely makes me want YOUR birthday cake! I love it Sue, thanks for participating!

  2. You have QUITE the talent for creative writing! I absolutely LOVED your prose.

    My faves...

    Pieces of cake...walked into the sea


    Ocean waves...threw frothy party favors in my lap


  3. what a beautiful poem- makes me see all of nature in a totally different light- and it does sound like the best birthday cake ever- no calories too!


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