Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back in Action

It has cooled down somewhat, making it more comfortable to use the sewing machine and the iron to piece blocks. And I think I've climbed out of the pit I'd fallen into. I'm happy it wasn't deeper. It's even possible that I've learned something in the process.

I believe that pit was dug in part by my over thinking the blocks for my friend's quilt. I wanted so badly for them to be something she would like that I lost my own vision. Since she's my friend, and has been for several years, it's very likely she will appreciate whatever I make for her and would rather have something authentic than something forced for the sake of artistry. To that end I made up a couple of liberated stars for her quilt:

There will be more of these. :- )

This morning I had to go to our Food Co-op to get some groceries. Most of the year they also have plants for sale, herbs and flowers and vegetables, on display between the parking lot and the main entrance. Our yard is in a state of flux for the time being so I've been resisting the urge to buy the beauties I'd like to have in my garden. Today I was fortunate to have my camera with me because there was a begonia that nearly caused me to crash into another vehicle in the parking lot.

Look at that bloom!

What a perfect blending of some of my favorite colors! I was told the name of this variety but of course I've forgotten it already. I'm confident Nancy at the Food Co-op can figure it out and find another one for me when I'm finally ready for it. Man that's gorgeous! (pardon me while I wipe the drool off my key board...)


  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous flower!! I wish my hand-dyed fabrics came out this awesome!

    I really like your wonky stars. Good choice, I think. When in doubt, KISS. I have trouble remembering that, and also tend to over-think this sort of thing until I've tied myself in knots. Of course, the heat doesnt help . . . my brain shuts off when it gets too hot!

  2. I really like your liberated stars. I love the combination of colors. The turquoise looks great with purple.

  3. Yes, your friend will like anything you make. How could she not? It's got your time, thoughts and love in it.

  4. Great stars. Yours are always the best.

  5. Your stars are very cheerful, and your friend's spirit will be uplifted when she looks at them. I"m glad you figured out an approach that allowed you to proceed with the project.

    Pretty flowers. The color is reminds me of ice cream (I must be hungry).

  6. I love that begonia and I'm so glad you're feeling perkier again!


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