Monday, July 12, 2010

Back from the Catacombs

I've been in the catacombs beneath The City of Dreaming Books (and slightly under the weather) since my last post. It was an easy book to put down and pick up at will until the last third or so. It never really became a page-turner, for me at least, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable read nevertheless. No doubt I will be reading more of Walter Moers' work in the future.

I believe I mentioned that I'd been making blocks for a new quilt. Here are some of those blocks:

I've got 30+ in total but only plan to use 30 in the new quilt.

They're 9 inch blocks. They are going to be framed up to 12 inches and then set 5 x 6.

There were a couple of other little distractions late last week:

Everything else comes to a halt when the babies come over to play!


  1. Hello darling babies! I like the blocks, they are all different, interesting

  2. Nice blocks, and those babies are precious. I'm glad they came to visit you.

  3. Snoozing in the warmth of the day, it looks're so lucky to be able to see them occasionally!

  4. Good grief!! Both asleep at the same time? How did you manage that?? They are truly beautiful.


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