Thursday, January 7, 2010

Second Thoughts

I'm movin' a little slowly after crawling around on the floor to pin baste Sunflower's quilt, but it's done.

Now I just have to find the energy to manhandle it under the sewing machine!

Maybe in a few days. I'm more than a little distracted by the thought of taking over the little bedroom. As it turns out, DH is more willing to let me have it than I expected. We may even be moving his things out this weekend!

I have already changed my mind about how I'm going to use the room. It occurred to me that it might be wiser to keep all the sewing activities together in one place. My projects tend to overlap in terms of techniques and materials. I don't want to have half of my stash in one room and the rest in another. Instead I think I'll move my computer into the little room, along with a selection of reference books and fiction. I'll turn it into more of a library than a studio annex.

I'd like it to have the feel of a sitting room, feminine and cozy. It would be wonderful to be able to paint the walls a color but I don't know that we'll take the time to do that. (I would like to try out a no-VOC paint to see whether I can tolerate it or not. I know regular paints are out of the question.) I'm anxious to have a dedicated spot for beading. If I can find something to put the computer monitor on in the little room I can use the desk it sits on now for my beading station. The trick will be in figuring out what furniture to use where, and to keep from over-filling the room. Dreams are one thing, reality tends to be something else altogether. ;- )


  1. Ah, yes... the ol' space and furniture juggling trick. Yikes, it's tough to get it all to work and flow. I agree with you that it's not good to have materials in two different places. I do quilting, painting, bookmaking, beading all in the same somewhat crowded space. I have enought trouble as it is finding things in my various stash locations all in the same room. I like your idea of having a computer/reference room separate from your art space... You'll work it out!

  2. Sounds very nice. Dividing up the fabric and machines doesn't work well but your computer and maybe your beads in one room - that sounds doable. Going to share a picture when it's all done?

    That quilt looks wonderful. Manuevering it under the needle and head of the machine is partly why I gave up on quilting large things (well I've pretty much quit on quilting but never say never). I ended up with bad neck strain.

  3. A sunny reading and beading room sounds lovely. I have my sewing room table near a south-facing window, and I love being able to work in that great light.

    Your granddaughter's quilt came out so cute. She's really going to enjoy it.

  4. It's fun to rearrange things. I know that I like to have my favorite things handy.

  5. Your quilt for your granddaughter is so cute! The quilting is always the hard part for me. That's why I "quilt by check" on the large ones.

    Good luck on the new room - it sounds like fun! Yeah, probably not a great idea to break up supplies...the library concept sounds good! It's always fun to plan a new space, at least for me. I hope you'll share photos when you're done??


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