Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not Much to Report

You know how you get that burst of inspiration and the energy that goes with it... and then you run up against the first wall? That's kind of where I am at the moment.

DH has moved his desk and file cabinet out of what will become my sitting room but there's a lot of work to be done before it will be empty enough for me to begin moving in. I have drawn the room dimensions out on graph paper, and made a few graph-paper representations of the bigger pieces of furniture I'm considering using in there, but that's about all I can do at this point. I've also been monitoring the listings on our local craigslist just in case there's a bookcase or something I could use in there. The trouble with that is I keep seeing other cool pieces of furniture that I either can't afford or have absolutely no use for!

I have to make a conscious effort to turn my attention away from the new room and back to my bead embroidery or quilting. With luck I will get some more beads sewn onto January's ornament later today or first thing tomorrow.

Mr. Reilly has been to the groomer again. He has to go in every 6-8 weeks. Almost exactly the same amount of time I can go between haircuts myself!

DD is holding steady. The last ultrasound revealed nothing new or concerning, thank goodness. One of her nightmares is that when she gives birth there will actually be three babies in there! There's no real reason to think such a thing of course, but that's the way a pregnant woman's mind works. Tuesday will be 33 weeks. The doctor's goal of 35 seems a lot more achievable now, I have to say.

Oh, there is another bit of excitement on the horizon. When I learned that Gwen Marston's revised edition of Liberated Quiltmaking was a softcover book I immediately ordered one. I have her original Liberated Quiltmaking; it's a hardcover book. I wouldn't even consider having it taken apart and the pages put in sleeves so it's safer for me to read again. But I have no reservations anymore about subjecting a softcover book to that process if I think it's something I'll use and refer to often.

Liberated Quiltmaking II definitely qualifies!


  1. So glad your daughter is hanging in there. Every week counts at this point! Once the room is cleared and you get your basic needed furniture in the room it'll probably go together for you. Take your time. Think of it as another project which it really is.
    This sounds like a good book but I am not going to do anything quilt-wise at least for the time being. I am too busy trying to learn to draw and paint, keep up with blogs, and get to my beadwork.

  2. Why don't you just let the new room ideas percolate for a bit? It'll come together soon.

    Glad to hear your daughter is doing so well. Is she on bed rest? Here's hoping she can hold on for another few weeks. I'll say a prayer for her.

    I've ordered my book from Gwen, and am anxiously awaiting it. I agree with you about the hardcover vs the softcover, but you need to do what you need to do to be able to use it! I think it would be tough to wait for the fumes to dissipate before I could look at it. Hope it's fast for you!

  3. Well you are a busy bee. Enjoy the fun of putting your room together.

  4. Love the idea of making the book more user-friendly ... how do you go about 'taking it apart'?? I had another softcover spiral bound but I like the plastic page idea even more (you can remove only the pages you actually need for a project)... hmmmmmmmmmm


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