Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Double Dog Dare Ya!

I have been reading and corresponding with A Creative Dreamer for a while now. We have developed something of a mutual admiration society. We have also cooked up a little ATC (artist trading card) swap.

If you read the comments I get you may know that Creative Dreamer dared me to make a fabric ATC when I was wondering what I would tackle next. I laughed when I read that but you know what? I turned right around and made this:

It's 2.5" x 3.5," fabric, thread, beads, and sequins. Oh, and a charm. I used a scrap of batting (Warm & Natural) as interfacing and put a piece of watercolor paper on the back. Took me at most a couple of hours to make. And it was fun! I was surprised that it turned out to be so much like the one of the squares I made for the Pink Artists Doll (a detail of which I use for my profile picture).

Anyway, Creative Dreamer and I have decided that we would like to invite others to try their hands at making fabric ATC's for a one-on-one swap. CD will be the swap hostess so you need to go to her blog to formally sign up. You don't need to have a blog of your own, although it would be best if you can send her a digital image of your finished ATC so she can post it with all the others after the swap. You have until Feb. 15 to sign up for the swap and then the finsihed ATC needs to be mailed to your swap partner by March 15. (We figured a short deadline would keep anyone from forgetting about their commitment!)

Paper artists are trading ATC's all the time. I actually begged this one off of Creative Dreamer:

I know fiber artsits have also been making ATC's; I just never jumped into the pool until CD dared me. I intvite you to jump in also, if you haven't already. The water's fine!


  1. Sounds interesting. If I weren't so backlogged already I'd join in. Your ATC and the one you begged off are both terrific.

  2. I give up--what does ATC stand for? anyhow, that heart sure is cute!

  3. LOL...I am absolutely more than happy that my little card found the perfect home with you!

    And, I am going to jump in here and answer ATC is an Artist Trading Card....think baseball trading card size...only made by artists...highly tradeable and collectible these days...I hope you join us...they really are great fun to make...

    And, was blogged on maybe we'll get lots of participants!!!


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