Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Plotting & Planning

During the holidays we were spoiled with some lovely sunny, dry weather. It has since turned gray and wet again. But look what I found in my picure files:

Happy spring flowers! As I recall, it was a gray day when I took this picture. But no matter, it cheers me up to see these floral embodiments of sunshine.

I'm pleased to report that yesterday I got the borders on both the back of Sunflower's quilt...

and the top.

Now to the task of pin basting. I've decided this is the step of the quiltmaking process that I like the least. I'm afraid to go somewhere where I know there will be plenty of room in which to work. I think I can do it here at home on the living room floor; it's just a hassle. And then the sewing machine will be consumed with getting this beast quilted. Makes me think again about having a second machine set up just for piecing. In fact, with the Bead Journal Project underway again I'm wanting a more permanent place to do my beadwork too.

We have a tiny little bedroom in this house, about 9 by 10 feet or something like that. DH is currently using it as an office/storage room but isn't really happy in there. It's too bright and warm for him because of the south-facing window.

I prefer bright and warm.

It would be lovely to be able to sit in there and do my bead embroidery or read and occasionally look out the window at the backyard. It would also give me additional wall space to display the art I keep making and collecting.

Moving even just a bookcase and my bead storage out of the studio proper would relieve some of the pressure in there. It might even be possible to create enough room for a second sewing machine... But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First I have to figure out how to get DH out of the little bedroom, where to put him and his stuff...

Ooo, I could have a Studio and a Studio Annex! I'm liking this idea!

I think DH's days in that room are numbered. ;-)


P.S. DD is at 32 weeks today and is still hangin' in there. She has another ultrasound tomorrow and sees her OB on Thursday. So far, so good!


  1. Having just begun my new life with a studio AND an annex, I can tell you that you will LOVE it. Best wishes as you move forward with your idea!!!

  2. What beautiful roses. Really makes you wish for spring to arrive, especially with all the rain and cold temperatures we've been having.

    Hope your husband likes he new office space... LOL

  3. Sue - I always love your stars. They really are the best.

  4. The quilt has worked out very, very well...it's gorgeous! And I'm so glad to hear we're at 32 weeks now...keeping my fingers crossed and prayers going for more!


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