Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January BJP - Almost Done!

I have been adding beads and sequins to my ornament for January. Right from the get-go it took an unexpected turn but I'm happy with the way it has developed. My long range vision for these ornaments was for them to be heavily beaded, encrusted even. However, this one looks much like the other bead-embellished items I've made in the past. I've decided that I'm okay with that; I figure it will show where I started from on this year's journey.

I've come to the point where I need to make a decision about how to add a hanging loop at the top of my diamond. I've debated whether to cut a small hole in the fabric, batting, Peltex, and watercolor paper (which will be the back of the ornament) and then string a ribbon or cord through the hole. Will I need to finish the raw edges of the fabric around the hole?

Another option I've considered is to simply stitch a ribbon in along the top edge when I machine stitch the four sides of the diamond. This morning I thought of a third option: to stitch that pewter circle you see in the picture to the front of the ornament and then loop a ribbon through it. Right now that sounds like the most appealing solution because it would be the easiest. My concern is whether the ornament will then hang forward rather than more vertically. Anyone out there have any experience with something like this?


  1. i really like your work, first of all...it looks very festive to me. my first thought about a way to hang it was to put an eyelet in the top. it would make a nice hole with a clean finish. just a thought!

  2. I'm a sewing machine type person so my first inclination would be to stitch a ribbon in as you sew the four sides together. Although the other options would work as well.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  3. Before I finished reading your whole post, I was thinking of the top circle myself, an eyelet would work as well. I really like your piece too!

  4. I like your piece a lot, especially the shape. Can you continue to make more before you make a decision about how to hang it? Sometimes I like to sit with a thought for a while and let it percolate.


  5. How about using a brad & then that will take care of the problem of keeping the circle from raveling. You can get some bigger ones or smaller ones depending on your preference in the scrapbook section of the craft stores, but there are some pretty interesting one if you do a google search on scrapbooking materials. I think Joggles.com has some too.

  6. I like the brad idea or maybe a pearl button with a medal shank that would keep it hanging straight and conceal the hole..

    I love crowns!

    Gerry K.

  7. The embellishments are very festive on this little piece. I like the shape a lot. I'd probably do the ribbon loop since you're going to be stitching this together anyway.

  8. I'd vote for either the ribbon loop or an eyelet at the top...I think both solutions would let the ornament hang the way you want it to.

  9. Oooo, I like this piece!

    As far as hanging, an eyelet or gromment (depending on how large this piece is) would work well, and so would the ribbon sewn into the seam. Putting a ribbon through that pewter charm...maybe it wouldn't hang so well? Not sure. Sorry I'm not much help *sheepish grin*

  10. I would do the ribbon trick. You know it will hang straight that way.

    How is your daughter doing? I don't see that any babies are born yet but this post was two days ago so maybe....

  11. You could finish with buttonhole adding beads (see my Jan. BJP) or couching threads would add to the festive feel to the piece then you could use the 'extra' length for a way to hang.


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