Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for the coming year to all my blogging friends and readers. :- )

We brought the new year in rather quietly, watching movies rather than any of the televised celebrations. I did a bit of shopping for border fabric for Sunflower's quilt in the last few days of 2009 and that has left me feeling under the weather. Fortunately it's simply a matter of being patient and waiting for the effects to wear off.

This is how I put the stars for Sunflower's quilt together:

My plan is to float the blocks by adding an inner border of the fairy print and then bring the whole thing up to size with a wide colorful border. I also have fabric in hand for the back. What I lack is batting. Maybe JoAnn's will have a sale or a good coupon deal soon.

Meanwhile, I have also committed to a shape for my Bead Journal Project pieces.

I've even prepared the foundation for my first piece. I will probably get the quilt top to a flimsy state before I get out the beads though.

I don't know whether you can see it or not but this fabric is white with silver metallic sprinkled all over it. My thinking has been that the new year is like a blank slate so I've been planning for this first ornament to be white and silver. I intend to finish these pieces the same way I would a fiber postcard with a piece of Peltex to stiffen it and watercolor paper on the back. I'll also add a ribbon or cord so they can function as an ornament and be hung on a tree or on a wall or wherever. I'm excited about this new adventure.


  1. Good for you to get started right away. I am actually waiting for a short class I am taking starting tomorrow. I am hoping it helps to give me some direction but I think you've already given me some ideas. Thanks.


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