Friday, February 29, 2008

Technical Question

I have a question for those of you who have been blogging for a while now. What is the secret behind photos that open larger in a new window v.s. those that don't respond when clicked on?

There are pictures of quilts I'd like folks to be able to see the details in but inevitably those are the ones that won't respond when you click on it. Then on my detail shots when you click on 'em you get a bigger version in a new window! Of course it doesn't always work this way but I can't figure out what the trick is. I know there are other new bloggers out there who would like the answer to this question too. (Blogger Help isn't as helpful as one would wish.)

Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can offer!


  1. As a newer blogger I'd like to know also...and how to add a link to someone elses blog...inside a post.I am no techno girl.

  2. I will try to help. If you just upload a pic straight to Blogger from your computer, it should be the one that enlarges when you click it in the post.

    I use photobucket to host my photos, so when you click them, they don't get that large, but they do enlarge to the full size of the images pixels.

    And, adding a link is easy. First copy the link you wish to link to. In the compose mode (I think it's called that) just highlight the text you wish to use, then click the little chain(link) button. I think a window pops up for you to paste the link you've copied to. That should do it! :D

  3. I wish I could help. but all I do is upload the photos from my pictures and they seem to always open larger when clicked on. I wish I knew more.

  4. On my blog, I'm able to get the pictures to click for larger versions by not using the Small picture type -- use Medium or Large and they should be able to click and make the larger versions. Hope that helps!

  5. I have noticed when I try to load all of my photos at once I'm unable to click larger but when I do them one at a time it allows for them to be clicked.

    Also, I've heard that if you don't specify where the photo goes (instead of center -- just hit the "none" option I think it is) that also works. I use the left and right options and it also allows for opening the photos larger.

    Hope this helps ;0).


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