Sunday, February 3, 2008


I find myself in an unforseen position. I didn't really think about the possibility of getting my wires crossed between the Bead Journal Project and the Take It Further challenges but I can see that that could become a problem for me. I need to get very clear in my head about what my goals are for each project.

From the beginning my intention was to use the journal quilt 'pages' for the BJP as a tool to get to know myself better and to strengthen my artistic voice and abilities. The TIF pieces were to be more for fun, with the added benefit of having another structured opportunity to practice specific skills. The challenge concept for February has sort of thrown me for a loop as it took a more personal turn than I expected. So now I'm a little confused about what to do for my BJP for February. It feels like I'll be working on two personal projects this month. I'm not sure I can take that on an emotional level. On the other hand, I'm still not willing to take the easy way out for February and do something relating to Valentine's Day or red and pink or hearts. On yet another hand, hearts are a meaningful symbol for me. (You see what we Gemini's do to ourselves?!)

I had an idea for my BJP but haven't yet figured out how to pull it off visually. Because it's a short month and I still have two previous pages to finish (not to mention the "regular" projects I promised to make this month) I guess I'm wondering whether I should just shelve that idea and look for something easier, more straightforward. To make matters worse, I've been looking at and reading about what other artists in both projects have been doing and thinking. The water has become pretty muddy, let me tell you!


  1. Thank you for the visit and nice words. I read your previous blog entry before posting today, it was interesting reading others who started at about the same place, yet ended up with very different conclusions. I think it is what will make these challenges fun!

    As for your dilemma- is there any way to make one project do for both TIF and BJP? Remember that these are supposed to me fun too--

  2. Even though Feb is a short month, it is longer this year because of the leap day - Feb 29th! Think of all the creative things you can do with an extra 24 hours (just kidding!)

  3. Ah well, I can't help you here, I'm also feeling a bit confused between my goals for BJP and TIF...

  4. Yes, I know what you mean about muddy water... me too, and I'm not even doing TIF pieces. I may have resolved the February/heart thing by deciding to make a special valentine for Little robin as my Feb. BJP. "She" gets to pick the fabric and beads. Wonder what it will be? You'll come up with something too...


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