Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Okay, Okay!

I wanted to post yesterday but service was waaay too slow. Either it was our high winds and rain or lots of internet usage because of Super Tuesday. I suspect the latter personally.

Since the overwhelming response to my question was to add more beads, that's what I did. I was tempted to bead over the first line, per Joan's suggestion, but I couldn't bear to cover up what I'd already put down! I also couldn't do clumps, even though that's what I originally thought I would be doing along the outline. I just did another line of beads next to the first.

I'm not convinced that it's done yet but I have to put it aside to make a commissioned baby quilt. If I do more later I'm thinking it will be something in the background areas to make those areas recede (like quilting lines) and the symbol pop. I can also see a line of beading along the inside edge of the binding once I get that on. We'll see. Today I have to put away all thoughts of the BJP and TIF challenges and think fire trucks and construction vehicles instead :- )


  1. Yup! That looks way better! I like your ideas of quilting the background and beading along the edge of the binding! What color will the binding be?

  2. PS.. Forgot to say, I bet your guess about Super Tuesday is correct.

  3. I do like this version better than the original, but, yeah, I think it may need to be more "beefy". Hmmn...not sure what to do, though the additional beading along the binding will work too. Sometimes you do just need to set it aside and work on something else!

  4. That's going to be one cute commissioned quilt. Looking forward to seeing it in progress.

  5. hey sue! I have your address- i will write! I am late leaving for georgia. I will have my laptop though and camera so I can blog. Have you read crazy aunt pearl's book yet? I just started the persian pickle club. I am in love with those girls already! Come see me on wed for my virtual birthday party! I am breaking the diet for something sweet! yahoo! Hope you are staying warm- xxxooo kim


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