Friday, February 29, 2008


A post or two ago I mentioned that I was not in the mood to bind or otherwise finish off my Gemini journal quilt or my TIF postcard quilt. I wasn't even interested in starting the beading on my journal quilt for February (or finishing the beading on October's for that matter!). No, I wanted something new and different.

I got into my bright scraps again and started piecing bits together with no preconceived plan in mind. Then I thought of Bonnie's tutorial for maverick stars. Hmmm. Put on my mask and got down Gwen Marsten's book, Liberated Quiltmaking. These are the result:

Yesterday I actually sewed the parts together so I have complete stars now. And I did some additional random piecing of half-square triangles and strips. I don't have pictures of the rest of it yet, but you'll get to see it eventually.

Later that day my friend C~ stopped by to give me a gift. Woohoo! She's teaching a make-it and take-it sort of class a couple times a month. This week she taught her class members how to make a tissue box cover. Her class sample featured a Halloween print:

How cute is that! And it's MINE! It doesn't look too fiddly to make, takes less than a fat quarter's worth of fabric... I may have to make some myself and give them as gifts too!


  1. love the maverick stars....going to put those on my to do list with the leftover batiks from sea quilt.

  2. great stars and I love your tissue holder!


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