Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's Go Down to Kokomo

I've had it with the constant cloud cover and rain. Let's go to the tropics!

(I still wish I could take better pictures!)

This wall hanging was made as a result of one of the last challenges I was able to participate in with my local quilt guild. It was a mystery challenge, but a little different from any other I'd been a part of. Those of you who have been involved in online groups may recognize the steps; I think our organizer said she got it off the internet.

Instead of a theme or a fabric that had to be used, once a month we'd be given a new directive to follow. I won't be able to remember all the steps involved but the first month we were given a strip of a blue cotton that faded from dark to light and told to use it to make at least one block. I made the wonky 9 Patch blocks. Others used it as the background for what would be an applique piece. One month we were given a cheddar yellow that ended up in the corners of the background of my star block.

Another time we drew blindly from a paper sack to get a baggie of ribbon or rickrack or other similar trim to use on our quilt. (The ribbon "rays" on my sun.) We had to do some handstitching somewhere, somehow. (I sort of went overboard with that one!) The last challenge was to add a three dimensional element to our creation. (No problem!)

It was a totally fun challenge and I got one of my favorite wall hangings out of it. It hangs in my bathroom, the room without windows where I can close the door and turn up the heat and pretend I'm on the beach in the tropics with my cabana boy instead of mildewing away in the damp...


  1. oh this is fun! I love the pink palm tree fabrics. aw, I can hear the waves calling to me.

  2. It's gorgeous. Just what we all need to cheer us all up and think of summer.

    Mine's a pina collada!

  3. Hi Sue, love the things you did with the challenges at hand. A very creative and happy wall quilt...perfect! I'll be there were a multitude of great quilts with those happy fabrics! Sorry about your rain and gray stuff. Just be glad it isn't snow! Hugs, Finn


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