Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'll Take "Potpourri" for $200 Alex

First, the inescapable: Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you find joy in the day whatever your circumstances may be (romantic or otherwise).

Here's My Little Valentine:

And now the $400 topic: I recently purchased a technique book via I thought because the purchase price was so low the book would be less expensively produced and therefore safer for me to read when it arrived. Wrong. If I thought the pages would fit into sheet protectors (which don't seem to bother me oddly enough) I would have someone take the book apart and put each page in its' own sleeve. I wonder if having the spine replaced with a spiral coil would help? Maybe there are outsize sheet protectors available somewhere...

Our $600 topic is the TIF challenge for February. I've had a couple of additional ideas for possible subjects for this month's challenge but I can only see "Lady Bird Johnson's Dream" in my head so that's probably the one I'll eventually make. You'll notice I used the word 'eventually.' That's because I have yet to even get out any fabric for that project. (My progress on the BJP will be another post another time.)

For $800: There's nothing like the blues to give me some relief from the misery of a new exposure. I found a package in my mailbox earlier in the week that contained a couple of my uncle's cd's. He, unfortunately, has had to be moved into an assisted living facility due to Alzheimer's. Now I will think of him everytime I listen to Muddy Waters, Little Walter, or Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee. (Buddy Guy's "Sweet Tea" album is still my favorite though.)

$1,000: ding ding ding! Double Jeopardy! I was one of the lucky ones who got in on Bobbi's offer to Pay It Forward last fall. In exchange for my promise to make and give away three items to the first three takers on my blog I was rewarded with one of Bobbi's hand beaded face pins. It came in the mal today! Whoohoo!

It has a combination pin back/bail on the back so I can either wear it as a pin or string a chain or cord through the bail to use it as a necklace pendant. I love it! THANK YOU BOBBI!

And now it's my turn to make good on my promise (or I'll lose the $1,000 I wagered on this clue!). If you have a blog and leave me a comment saying you want to play along I will make a gift just for you and mail it to you within a year. (If I didn't have such a headache I would look up the original posting of this challenge and link to it so you can see that this was part of the deal.) You just have to promise to also make a gift for three people who agree to pay it forward... and so on. If I get no takers this time - this is the second time I've made the offer and I know the game has pretty well made the rounds - I may just pick three bloggers I've come to know and send them a surprise. That way I'll be able to wear Bobbi's pin with a clear conscience ;- )


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle... if you feel so moved, you might want to check out I'm one of Ami's $1,000 Promise quilters in honor of my mother and her Alzheimer's journey.

    Take care ~

  2. Okay Sue, I'll play along (and I just finished being worn out from OWOH but what the heck, I have a whole year,right?) and I will take up your challenge. Don't I have to post something on my page for it? And I have no idea what I will do, it may be something beaded or an ATC or....

    Could you have someone scan the book into your computer for you? Then you could skip the chemicals. I know Amazon has come up with a new reader but I doubt art and crafting books will be on their list of available books for it as yet. The future is coming and soon you'll be able to get them electronically.

    I finished my February TIF but like you, my BJP is really suffering. Tomorrow is another day!

  3. What a very beautiful baby that is!! I produce my books with a spiral coil just for the purpose you describe - so people can tear off the pages if they wish and put them into plastic and prop them up!! Easy and actually less expensive than you would think - worth the little bit of extra, I think.


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