Thursday, February 21, 2008

January BJP Update

So I put the TIF postcard quilt (see previous post) aside to wait for beads and went back to my 'Gemini' journal quilt for the Bead Journal Project. I was going through my stash, looking for something to fill in the background area, when I came across some tiny star sequins. Stars? How appropriate! I even had just the right colors :- )

All the quilt lacks now is a backing and binding. I'm not sure what color I'll end up using for the binding but I'm leaning toward white at this point. We'll just have to see what looks best when I start auditioning fabrics. Here's a close-up:

On another front, I've been wanting to try the Disappearing 9-Patch pattern ever since I saw Calamity Kim playing with it for a doll quilt challenge. Over the weekend I finally did just that and produced this preemie quilt:

Now I want to do a scrappy version! I have a bunch of 5" charm squares that I'm thinking of using as a starting point. Don't hold your breath, it may be awhile before I actually get around to it ;- )


  1. You ARE having fun, Sue! Exploring and discovering treasures in our various stashes invariably yields up "just what we were looking for" . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  2. I love the sequins - they add just the right "spark"!

  3. I couldn't click enlarge the top picture but the second one worked. It looks great. The stars are perfect. Need a round tuit?
    / \
    | TUIT |

    That was as round as I could make it. Guess the whole moon has me in it's spell. You aren't the only one I've teased (in fun) tonight.

  4. I love the stars. I'm thinking of doing a wonky Disappearing Nine Patch with my blues.

  5. very happy- red and yellow! and bright blue! I love it!

  6. The sequins are an inspired addition to your piece. And the colors are great in your little quilt. You've reminded me that I want to try the DNP block too.

  7. Great addition to your page. It has turned out to be lovely.

  8. Hi Sue! I received your wonky house block along with the siggie block and scrap strips in the mail today! I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for the house warming!


  9. I love that pink and green combo! yum!

  10. Hi Sue. I've been tagged for 7 random things about myself and need to tag 5 others. I've tagged you if you care to play.

  11. I loved your 7 random things list, and particularly clap my hands for your self care in the fresh flower department! Bravo!

    And another bravo for the BJP development... both the double white row and the stars are quite good additions to the design. Love it!

    Robin A.


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