Monday, June 29, 2020

Bee, Myself & I in June

I don't know if I've shared this project here previously. I've shown bits in a Facebook group but that doesn't mean it's been here as well. 😉

This is going to be a stitch wrap, a long piece of various textiles sewn together and embellished in whatever way the spirit moves me. Eventually the strip of textile art will be wrapped around a spool or bobbin of some kind. I haven't worked that part out yet. Some folks hand sew their scraps of fabric onto a base of muslin or batting. I chose to machine piece a few choice scraps together first, then use embroidery to secure them to a muslin strip. My strip is about 3.5" high by the width of the muslin.

Depending on how this progresses I may add more muslin so I can add more scraps and embroidery.

One of my goals was to feature at least a couple of the William Morris prints I was given at Christmas.

It's also a place where I can practice and play around with embroidery threads and stitches. To begin with I put the start date on one end, just freehand. The blanket stitch rainbow was also done freestyle. The rainbow and the paw prints are my nod to the covid pandemic.

I used fly stitches to secure the Wm. Morris charm square to the foundation. The two colors of pistil stitches on the extreme left came from one length of hand dyed floss. The daisies were stitched with a variegated silk thread from Treenway Silks.

For the time being my strawberry thief is simply outlined with a gold color cotton floss.

I've done a bit of mandala stitching recently too.

More fly stitches, some chain stitches, an attempt at herringbone, and a star in the middle. It's about 2.5" across. No purpose, just play. 😊 


  1. Your bird fabric is truly beautiful, this will be a set of fabrics with memories.

  2. Teeny fabric jewels, strung on a necklace. Love it!


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