Saturday, June 27, 2020

Scrappy Mystery Quilt Progress

I've kept up really well with Joy's mystery quilt project - at least, up until this week. I was perking right along until something toxic smacked me upside the head. It's gotten so I often don't detect toxic fumes anymore until it's too late. Oh well. I'm pleased to say I'm beginning to feel more like myself again finally. And I've caught up so that I'm ready for the last step, to be revealed on Monday.

We began with twelve 9 Patch blocks made from 2.5" squares. Then we sewed up rows of more 2.5" squares and added background triangles to half of them.

We framed up the 9 Patch blocks with background strips and then sewed the rows of scrappy squares all around.

(I had a photo to insert here but can't seem to make it happen.)

Today I played around with the resultant blocks until I felt I had duplicate patches pretty evenly distributed and sewed them together to make this flimsy:

My background fabric is the palest of yellows in case you were wondering. This is only about 42" x 56" at this stage. I had thought about making more blocks but may simply add a border treatment and leave it lap quilt size. 

It has taken me two days to compose this post. Can't say that I'm pleased with the changes Blogger has forced on us but I suppose I will adjust over time. In theory these changes are meant to make blog posts more compatible with smart phone usage. Since I don't compose my posts on my phone this has only served to make my life more difficult. Inserting photos for this post was a real struggle. If it keeps up this way I may finally quit blogging. What's a quilting or needlework blog without pictures? And while I'm ranting, not all of us function well with hieroglyphs as opposed to words. 


  1. I still have to look at the new Blogger, lovely quilt blocks all laid out, lovely settings with the cream triangles and squares on point, a super contrast to the brights. and toxic fumes, since my hospital visit I seem to smell anything remotely with a whiff of anything at all. I am not liking casseroles with onions, even boiled eggs, so thankful it is just the smells that are irritating so far,

  2. Oh please, don't let Blogger defeat you - we would all miss you if you throw in the towel and quit blogging. Change is hard - but please don't give up!

  3. Love that layout – and pale yellow! What a great alternative to cream or white to make things pop. I hope Blogger becomes easier for you to use; you can't be the only one not using a phone, so hopefully they'll pay attention to feedback. Otherwise, keep blogging, but come over to the Dark Side, aka WordPress ;-)

  4. Please stay. Your blog is lovely. Although I do understand your frustration.

  5. I'm hearing that from a lot of bloggers! Even thought WP has made changes, they've never forced me to use them. As long as they don't, all will be well. I like to control things myself, and every "upgrade" seems to leave the blogger with less control.

  6. Oh, ha, ha, I guess I should have included that I like your soft yellow background. I'm catching up, and thinking I might use sashing and cornerstones to male it bigger, and then more borders.

  7. Love your choice of fabric for the background on Joy's QAL. Hope you can figure out Blogger.


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