Thursday, July 2, 2020

Sailing Into July

I've just been visiting over at Sally's (The Objects of Design). She mentioned the Postage Stamp Pandemic of 2020 and some other viruses making the rounds of the quilt world. I've had a version of the PSP for some little while, not just in 2020. Mine manifests as stars.

Sally seems to be concerned that yet another mutation of this quilter's virus may be developing in the form of ships featuring prints and solids. This is not surprising as I am already suffering from this virus, although solid fabrics don't present in my case. I keep them in dry dock in a pizza box:

Unfortunately, my design wall is not large enough to accommodate all the ships that are ready to set sail.

This is a picture of 78 (6") ships. There are another 30 in dry dock. I am comforted by the fact that so far I have been able to avoid the dreaded zipper virus. 😉


  1. Well, the sailors can have a wee snack as they wait their turn to be on the wall, love all those ships, I like them better than the zippers.We are so fortunate to have the internet, friends worldwide, inspiration galore, and lots more as we cope with the virus restrictions.

  2. Yikes! Looks like your virus came from a different species...clearly a very high viral load though. Happily I have strong resistance to HSTs, so I can admire without risk of infection.

  3. LOL - funny post. HSTs are such a weakness for me. Ships I can resist (though I love looking at those made by others). And the zipper I am ignoring (other than appreciating the work of others).

  4. oooh love the ships! Might need to try get infected with this virus!!!! xx

  5. Oh My Goodness! That wonderful flotilla of tiny boats! And the pink stars! and the rainbow stars! I wish I could get over there and catch a dose of whatever you're suffering from. Lovely lovely lovely :-)

  6. One virus I wouldn't mind catching - it might improve my HSTs.


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