Thursday, July 5, 2018

Blue and White and a Tiny Bit of Yellow

I hope my readers in the US had a safe and happy Independence Day. For that matter, I hope our Canadian friends had a good Canada Day on the first of July! We have folks in the neighborhood now who are, apparently, very into setting off fireworks. Not only have I had a nervous dog in my lap for two days straight, when I tried to coax her to go outside to do her business I was almost knocked over by the smoke in the air. Needless to say, I'm suffering the usual effects. 😒 We're not out of the woods yet either. The law may say fireworks only on the Fourth but inevitably there will be those who feel the need to use up any leftovers in the days afterward. {sigh}

On a much happier note, I've received the first set of blocks for my turn in the F2F3 (Footsquare Freestyle round 3) block swap. These are from Kathy in South Dakota:

They are crisp and gorgeous! I asked for blocks in blues on white. This is my inspiration photo:

Kathy hit the nail on the head!

I've only made one block for myself so far.

This is a variation of a block our local guild did for a lottery draw a few months back. I took the 12" pattern and reduced it to four 6" units. Now I just have to choose two more blocks to make. 😊

While I have your attention let me show you - as best I can through a dirty kitchen window - the bouquet of roses that are blooming at the top of one of my rose bushes.

You might be able to see the lavender blooming underneath and behind the roses. Makes me smile every time I look out the window. At least, until they fade and the petals fall off!


  1. those blues are also beautiful. Fireworks,I know some like them, rave over them, go out and spend, to me ,huge amounts of money to buy them??? Can you see what I think?I think they should be banned, and only one public display in each town, city or mountain.And of there is a fire danger, have none at all. To finish, I love those blue blocks, hope this leaves you with a smile.

  2. You know, I think your inspiration photo has really worked, as ALL the block I've seen so far are right on target. I am throwing you one tiny curveball, but it's definitely blue and white :-)

  3. Kathy's blocks are gorgeous. I hope you will like mine which are on their way.

  4. I meant to say your own block is gorgeous too - I still need to make two more for myself and then I can start quilting.
    Realised that, if I'm logged in to Internet Explorer I can comment on your blog but if I'm logged in to Google Chrome I can't. That happened to me on another blog I follow too. It's probably Blogger's fault - it usually is.

  5. Gorgeous roses -- and those blue and whites are stunning.

  6. oooh, love those blocks! The colors are perfect! xx

  7. Kathy's blocks are spot on!

  8. The blocks and the roses are all gorgeous! And I'm looking forward to your blue and white quilt!


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