Friday, June 29, 2018

Bee, Myself & I in June

At the end of May I showed the selection of bright botanical prints I'd purchased with the intention of making a version of the Free Spirit pattern Rainbow Blur. I'd cut the largest pieces for my quilt but I don't think I'd cut the smaller patches for the four patch blocks the pattern calls for at that point. My brain must not have been functioning at its' best when I finally did cut those patches. Look what happened when I started laying out the pieces:

Notice the gaps? That's because I made all 22 four patch blocks too small. I was thinking 2.5" patches for 5" four patch blocks. But you have to add the half inch seam allowance before you start cutting! Sigh. At least this sort of thing doesn't happen to me too often (yet).

So I have 22 four patch blocks to use in some future project. Meanwhile, I was able to cut a new set of patches - in the correct size this time - from the leftovers I had on hand. It remains to be seen whether I'll have the variety I was hoping for in the prints. Wouldn't it be tragic if I had to go back to the store to get some more? 😉

I've sewn up the new four patch blocks and begun auditioning the pieces according to the quilt plan.

Obviously the four patch blocks haven't made it onto the design wall yet. And no doubt there will be lots of arranging and rearranging before I'm ready to sew this together. With a run of good health I just might have a flimsy to show you at the end of July!

Bee, Myself and I is how Carla at Granny Maud's Girl has organized the sewing she wants to do purely for her own pleasure. Checking in at the end of each month helps me to organize my time and energy too. 😊


  1. Such great colors -- sorry about those too-small patches but I know you'll find a good home for them elsewhere.

  2. What wonderful lively splashes of colour, it must be so encouraging and inspiring :-) And seriously, those too small blocks will find a happy home and a useful future in the Parts Department.

  3. I really like your fabrics! So much flowers and looking so good together!

  4. You had my interest the moment you showed pretty Philip Jacobs floral prints. I am glad you managed to fix the four-patch ooopsie. We all do such things from time to time! Perhaps it is an excuse to pop to to the shop to buy a few more!

  5. LOVE those bright happy prints!
    And there's certainly no downside to having a bunch of pretty four-patches on hand, eh? They're like a packet of seeds for a future quilt!

  6. Such pretty fabrics... like Gayle said - bright and happy! You're making good progress! xx


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