Saturday, July 14, 2018

Scrap Happy in July

Two years ago Kate and Gun made a commitment to do something with their fabric scraps and show the results on their respective blogs. The 15th of every month became ScrapHappy day. I'm not sure when I joined in but slowly the numbers have been growing. We even have folks using the scraps of their paper crafts, electronic and jewelry projects now!

Sewing up my scraps into patchwork blocks is just about the most relaxing activity I can do. As I make these random blocks they go into my Parts Department for future use. I make at least a couple of scrappy blocks every week. These days I'm making mostly 6" Hole in the Barn Door blocks or 8" postage stamp stars.

That 3" Shoofly block is an anomaly. Every once in a while ya gotta break the mold. 😉 These are the 4" postage stamp blocks that go in the center of the stars:

Last month I started using my 1.5" (raw) strips to make 6" blocks I'm referring to as Sticks.

They may or may not end up in this Rail Fence configuration when they finally go into a quilt.

I've also started making these 4" (finished) units for an eventual Demented quilt. That one will be way down the road. It may end up being just a central medallion instead of a whole quilt too.

When the spirit moves me I go through my Parts Department to create a new quilt. This is the most recent effort:

I just finished putting on the binding and laundered it before I pass it along. I forgot to measure it while I had it hanging up but it should be about 48" x 60."

Here are the links for everyone who joins ScrapHappy from time to time (they may not post every time, but their blogs are still worth looking at).


  1. You have the most impressive collection of scraps, both loose and assembled, of anyone I know! We've actually been Scrapping for three years, not two, so another whole 12 months of making something from nothing very much, which makes me very happy :-) What's even more exciting is how the scope is widening and becoming more inclusive.

  2. I love your parts department! The quilts that pop out of there are a feast for the eyes. The stars with the postage stamp centers are on my someday list, a I really like them.😄

  3. I always find your Parts Department quilts inspiring!
    And the parts department itself is like a toybox that's always full of fun. 8)

  4. Some lovely Scrappy blocks. Love the postage stamp middles of your Stars and your latest finished quilt made from Parts Department blocks is great.

  5. I'm so impressed by your scrap management! You get so much done. Your Parts Department must be a wonderful playground! I love your quilts you get from it. I know I should do more of this, but my sewing time has been so limited that it never seems to happen.

  6. I always love seeing all the things you are making for your parts department. As usual, this post is not disappointing! That quilt you made with the stars is beautiful. Sticks and Demented! LOL I love your naming conventions, too. I hope your computer is back home and working as it should. I have one more week of school, and then I'll be back to visiting more often. I also plan to still send a quilt to James, so tell him not to give up on me! =)


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